2009 – The Year of the Dachshund

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Hey everybody, it’s Beans! Happy New Year!

Amy’s had the stuffy nose and has been home waaaaaay too much. I’ve had no time to get on the blog. She’s been in my business.

Anyway, Frankie and I (100 %) of the dachshunds in the house have taken a vote and we’ve decided unanimously, to name 2009 the year of the dachshund! Celebrate good times, come on! Month by month we are going to have a special event and I am marking them on the calendar as I type. I am ambidextrous (hello, I have four paws!). If you want to mark these on your calendar go right ahead. Gifts are encouraged. Like Amy, I love a good gift.

January – feed your dachshund vienna sausages day is….TODAY! Howllelujah! I bet I didn’t give enough notice for this one.
February – have a heart for old dachshunds day is Feb. 14. Frankie wants Mr. Rob to note this one.
March – take your dachshund to work day is March 4. I have been dying to go to Synovus to see what Mr. Rob does all day. Besides, they’ll think I’m really cute. I have dibs on being their mascot. Move over Aflac duck!
April – make your dachshund foolish for jerky day is April 1! Duh!
May – drive your dachshund around the neighborhood with the windows down day is May 10.
June – take a trip with your dachshund sometime this month. We’re giving you the choice to say when. But, please say when.
July – feed your dachshund grilled hot dogs day is July 4.
August – nap with your dachshund day is August 16.
September – take your dachshund to the mountains day is September 21.
October – let your dachshund nap on the hearth while you watch day is October 30.
November – be thankful for your dachshund day is November 25. Accidental dropping of turkey and dressing is encouraged.
December – holiday decorations awareness classes are December 1. But, the official holiday is December 26, stay at home with your dachshund day.

Those of you who don’t have dachshunds….wow, I can’t believe there are any of you, but just in case, I’m renting out Frankie. If I get enough positive feedback, I’ll allow you to move dates around so you have time to celebrate the holiday of the month with her. I wouldn’t want any of you to be missing out.

So, go right ahead and put these important dates on your calendar – asap!


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