31 Days of Moving A to Z Begins

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31daysmovingIn October for the past few years, bloggers have collectively bombarded the www for 31 straight days of writing about a single topic. Last year was my first attempt (31 Days of Simple Goodness) and it was a great experience. Yet, I wondered if I could do it again this year with a more specific topic. When the God-directed incident of our house selling and us finding the next house to make a home all happened in a 48-hour period of time, my #31days topic presented itself.

With great excitement I present to you 31 Days of Moving A to Z.

In this series, I’m taking the alphabet and posting one word per day that summarizes my experience so far in our moving adventure to a place with less square footage. But, if you just did the math you realize that would still leave me with 4 more days of writing. No worries. I’ve got that covered also within this theme.

By the time we’re done, you will have laughed, cried, and felt the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit come alongside our family as we have journeyed through the adventure of moving/downsizing/rightsizing in life with the folks who live on the hill.

Already, as I type this, we are no longer home owners, but renters of the house we’ve lived in for 12 years. The couple who made us the offer we couldn’t refuse officially took ownership of this abode yesterday and have graciously allowed us to rent back until we move next week! Next week?! (I just passed out at the thought.) Yes, next week!

Call me crazy, but I plan to write a post each day even amidst the busyness of packing, moving, and settling into life in a new place.

So, if you’re hankering for a little more information on how this all started, read this.

Come back tomorrow as I unpack a moving alphabet.

Thanks for following along!


  1. Looking forward – very intriguing hook! ! So thankful for y’all and this new adventure!

    • Thanks Stephanie! Looking forward to you checking in all the way from A to Z! : )

  2. Sister, timely. As a middle-aged newlywed with much merging and adjusting ahead, I look forward to your learnings! And, how to not let it overwhelm and cloud the joy of our new life together!

    • Sister, I look forward to imparting any knowledge I gain along the way. Trust me, I’m far from an expert but am happy to share a smidgen of what I’m encountering this move. You will do great making your home for one into a haven for two as you marry your things with his…and what a joy that will be!


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