31 Days of Simple Goodness: A Fall Menu

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My inner fairy godmother wants to bless you with a complete menu to prepare, the shopping list, and the plan of attack.  It’s not hard and it just might be a help to you on this Monday as you get back in gear for another week.

Once you read the recipes, you’re going to realize just how simple the whole dinner will be and off you’ll go to the market using your Grocery IQ app where you’ve typed in the ingredients to pick up while you’re out running errands today.

My inner fairy godmother…
A Simply Good Fall Menu
Herb-Marinated Chicken Tenderloins
Huntsman Wild Rice
Harvest Glazed Carrots
Peppered Haricot Verts
Buttered Pretzel Rolls
Doesn’t that sound so yummy?  Imagine all the beautiful colors, flavors, and textures on your dinner table tonight!  Set it pretty. Light a candle.  Invite Jesus.  Dine and enjoy!
Grocery list:
Enough Chicken Tenderloins for your family
1 Bottle of KC Masterpiece Marinade (I like the Garlic-Herb one)
Nonstick spray
1-2 boxes of Uncle Ben’s Wild Rice mix
1-2, or more cans of LeSeur baby carrots
Brown sugar
Honey or Agave Nectar
Butter (1 stick)
Curry Powder
Ground Cinnamon
Salt and Pepper
1-2 bags of fresh Haricot Verts (that’s French for tiny green beans in the produce aisle)
1-2 bags of Sister Schubert’s Pretzel rolls from the freezer
Now for the pre-prep how-to:
When you get home from the store, put the chicken in a zipper bag and pour just enough marinade over the chicken to cover.  Refrigerate the bagged and marinating chicken and the rest of the bottled marinade.
Take the Haricot Verts out of the bag and put them in a microwave safe dish with a splash (1 Tbsp) of water.  Cover.  Put in the fridge until you’re ready to cook (only takes 3-5 minutes).
Store the rolls in the freezer until you start cooking the meal.

Set out a small-medium saucepan for cooking the carrots.
Set out another one for the rice.  Go ahead and put the correct amount of water and butter into it, cover.  Don’t turn on the heat. 
Set out a medium-large skillet for the chicken.
Get out a jelly-roll pan (that’s a cookie sheet with a 1-inch lip around the edge).  Cover it with aluminum foil (then you don’t have to wash it when supper’s over).  Set it aside for the rolls.

Keep your sugar, honey/agave nectar, spices, salt, and pepper handy.

Set the table.
Make the tea (sweet if you live in the South).
Read the Time to cook! portion below so you know the plan of attack beforehand.  Now don’t let me down here.

Go about your day until you’re ready to start.  Count back 30 minutes from sitting at the table time and that’s when you’re going to cook, worshiping God of course, as you go about your business.  Bluebirds will be singing around your head as you cook for His glory! 
Time to cook!  Go girl!
  • The rice:  Get that water/butter combo boiling with the contents from the box.  Follow those directions as written.
  • The rolls:  Turn the oven on to the correct temp for your pretzel rolls and let it preheat.  Put the rolls on the pan you prepared earlier, and put a dab of butter on the top of each one.  Put them in the oven when half the liquid is gone from the rice and cook for the prescribed amount of time.
  • The carrots:  Open the carrots, draining off half the water, and pour the contents into the small-medium saucepan.  Cook on high until they begin to boil. Add 1 Tbsp. of brown sugar, a sprinkle each of salt, pepper, curry powder, and cinnamon. Drizzle the honey or agave nectar once around the edge of the pan.  Stir.  Turn down to a simmer for a few minutes, then turn off the heat.  Keep covered.
  • The chicken:  At the same time, heat your medium-large skillet over medium high heat (not high if it’s nonstick). Think it’s hot?  Test it with a drop of water.  Add the chicken pieces in the pan, tossing the reserved marinade. Cook chicken pieces 4-5 minutes per side.  When the chicken is cooked through (stick a knife into the thickest one.  If the juice runs clear, it’s done), put the tenderloins on a plate and cover with foil.  Keep the skillet on the stove with all its cooked marinade goodness…just turn the eye off if the green beans haven’t been into and out of the microwave yet.
  • The beans:  Cook in the microwave on High for 3-5 minutes.  Remove from the microwave. Finish cooking them in the skillet you used for the chicken for just a minute or two.  Remove the skillet from the heat.
Put the ice in the glasses and pour the tea (or ask a helper to do this) and put it at each place on the table.

Plate it up!
Call the family to the table.
Bless it.
Eat it.
Enjoy it.
Clean it up (or maybe somebody will do that for you).
Simple goodness has just been consumed by you! 


  1. Please reread the directions at the CARROT section. did I misread or ? The directions say Add a Tbsp of what?/ Clear me up. Thanks. I like using your recipes and many other of your ideas.

    • Hi! Thanks for noticing the typo up there. I went back and corrected it. It’s 1 Tbsp of brown sugar. As a side note, you may not need to add that if you’re using the honey. You could use either or both. Your choice. Bon Appetit!

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