31 Days of Simple Goodness: A Favorite Cookbook

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Last Monday I shared my favorite food magazines.  Today, I share my favorite cookbook.

I love, seriously L.O.V.E. cookbooks!  I enjoy perusing them at the bookstore.  I will read cookbook reviews.  I will store potential cookbook purchases in my Amazon wish list…just in case.

I read them like a novel.  Slowly.  Page by page. 

Recently, though, I decided I had too many that I was not using and made the huge decision to clear my cookbook collection (aka clutter).

I piled them on my dining room table, counting about 120 that I only used a few recipes from and only a few times.  I copied the recipes I used from among the hundred or so books and filed them away (more on that in a future post in this series).

After I determined I was ready to part with my stash, I called my daughter-in-love and told her they were free for the taking and she came and grabbed most of them, took them home, and sorted through them, sharing with her friends the rather large stash.

It felt good that they were off my shelves and even better that they were going to be used.

Now my cookbook corner that used to take up almost half of

This cookbook frequents my cookbook stand often

the bookshelves in the den and several small shelves in the kitchen had decreased to a much more tidy and usable size.  My guilt of having collected so many on whims was gone, too.  Whew!

Out of all those that I own, though, there is one I find myself drawn to quite often for its higher percentage of recipes within its pages that I most often use.

The Columbus, GA Jr. League cookbook, A Southern Collection: Then and Now is my most-often used cookbook.

Here are just a few of the recipes that I repeatedly prepare:

Meltaway Muffins
Poppy Seed Chicken
Chicken Tetrazzini
Country Captain
Summer Tomato Salad

Last Friday I prepared the Chinese Pork Tenderloin for the family and it was a hit.

This classic cookbook is not the newest cookbook I own.  It has no flashy pictures of food prepared and displayed amidst elegant tablescapes like newer cookbooks have.  But, this cookbook has recipes that have stood the test of time.

Do you want your own copy?  Go for it!

You can order one from the Columbus Jr. League directly.

You’ll be supporting various groups in our community that look after women and children.

This cookbook helps me get Simple Goodness on a plate and into a tummy.  That’s simply yummy!


  1. You make me feel ashamed. I know I am a cookbook addict. I haven’t yet come to part with any and the number I am sure far exceeds your number. The shelves (plural) they occupy are many. My family will enjoy distributing them when I can no longer read or use them. I just bought ten of the same one that I like to give as gifts. You may get one, so I am glad you still like them and now have room for another one.

    • No need to feel ashamed for having bunches of cookbooks. I was running out of room and the clutter was disturbing my peace when I would watch the television. So, enjoy all your cookbooks and I know they’ll be a blessing to your family one day.

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