31 Days of Simple Goodness: Church Girl Pressure vs. God’s Pleasure

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I’m Amy.  I love God and believe in His Son Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit at work and I struggle at times with this question:

“Am I good enough?” (As a wife, mother, teacher, writer, speaker, homemaker, daughter, friend, woman…?)

I carry my measuring tape in my mind and measure myself based on my own expectations and those of others for me.  I have that “blue ribbon” for winning in this category.

Blue ribbon winner in seeking praise from others?

It’s what I call “Church Girl Pressure.”  The ribbon is not worth it, though.

When this pressure mode takes charge I realize a few things from a distance and am asking God to show me when I’m in the midst so I can remove myself from the trap:

  • I am focusing little on God
  • I have made myself greater than Him
  • It’s a form of idolatry
  • It is sin.

A test for me that works is to ask this question, “Have I been seeking the praises of man over the pleasure of God?”

Okay, confession, I look for affirmation from others a lot!  Ouch.  That’s just downright embarrassing to admit and God just zinged that one my way as I was typing just now.  You know what?  Looking for and asking for the affirmation I “need” from others is a sin.  Ouch again! Okay Lord, I’m getting it and I repent of those times when I have sought it above embracing Your pleasure in me…as if Yours was not enough.  I am really sorry.  Please forgive me.  I’ve been bowing down at the positive feedback idol.  

There are times when He sends His positive affirmations our way in timely words of grace and sincerity from others.  Those are His gifts and different from our seeking out the stroking we need or want from others above what He has already said to us and sent our way in others.

I have come to realize that if I am seeking and manipulating others to compliment my wiving, mothering, speaking, writing, teaching as well as my appearance, then I am seeking to live up to pressure I have placed on myself that is impossible to do.

Simply said, it is good to embrace His love and acceptance of us in believing and knowing that we are His daughters doing what He has called us to do even when it may not make sense or when we don’t get any credit.  And that is enough.

Today, I choose to remove myself from my trophy shelf and give up the pressure this church girl places on herself in order to look at God and focus on His goodness, His work, and His beauty. 

None of me.  All of Him.

Thanking God for His fresh mercy today, I’m tossing out my blue ribbon!  What about you?

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