31 Days of Simple Goodness: Dress "It" to God’s Glory

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Far be it from me to submit anything on fashion.  But, here I am anyway.  Today’s piece may read like something from the queen prude.  Oh well.  Just call “us”, “Your Highness.”

Years ago, “we” (as in the royal “we”) had to stop reading fashion magazines because we didn’t measure up (or down as it was, in size) to the trends of the day and we would berate us mentally and emotionally.

It was not pretty!

Because of that, you may not deem us qualified to write a simple yet revealing post on fashion for the Church girl.  We proceed prudently in doing so anyway.  Feel free to leave a comment at the end.

We’ve noticed a trend among the Sistren of all ages in church in the last few years that makes us wonder if we (all of us) are aware of what we look like when leaving home to enter the world and the gathering of our congregations.  Furthermore, where were those who love us best when we left and why didn’t they address our…dress? If no one was there, where had we put our mirrors?

Even though we (back to the royal we) may not sport the most up-to-date style or figure, we do know what looks good on a girl and it’s a combination of the following things:

  • modesty under the influence of God
  • a sweet expression.

Here’s why.

“Modesty goes a long way in leaving things to the imagination of those in the presence of one who dresses this way.” – Her Highness, the royal “we” in this post.

Fashion tips from Her Highness?  Oh, but yes!

{Girls, we don’t want to know the brand of your shorts displayed on your rump when you run to the store or to Outback.  
We don’t care to know the color of nor where your secret things were purchased even though we are thankful you are wearing them. 
If your top’s neckline comes closer to your navel than to your neck, that’s not modesty. 
If your pants fall closer to your division of buttock than your waist, that’s a problem.
If you present yourself at the church altar for communion and the minister blushes due to your developing or heaving bosom as seen from above, hmmmm, wear a sweater next time. 
If you sit down in a chair while wearing a dress and the cold or hot leather touches your bare bottom sending you to the moon (pun intended) in shock, 
then perhaps your skirt is a wee (adjective here) short.}

A godly modest dresser knows what God has to say about her adornment and that her inner beauty is the part that attracts Him.  She knows that He is the One for Whom she truly chooses her clothing and dresses in each day.

The modest dresser knows what looks best on her without being obsessed with her dress.  She’s got a godly confidence that accents her ensemble in pure radiance.

As a royal mother of princes, we (my loving husband and I) educated our sons in the why of choosing a girl to date and marry based on several things; one being the way she dressed as a reflection of her relationship with God.  (Her relationship with God was the number one thing they were to assess early on in the getting acquainted stage.)

Simply said, modesty is the royal standard that seems to be disappearing in the Church by which The King’s girl or woman dresses.

Dress “it” to God’s glory, wear a smile, and go.  Toss in a cultured wave for a bit of flash.


  1. You are hilarious and true! Can these rules apply to Walmart as well, please?

    • Anywhere The King’s daughter goes, we think she should represent Him well whether shopping at WalMart or traipsing through the lobby at the Ritz. You represent Him well according to our royal observations. : )

  2. This is GREAT!! And I LOVE your picture! I had a long discussion on this subject with a friend after attending a funeral because I was SHOCKED to see how a lot of the younger generation dressed for it. Call me “old fashioned,” but I do not think it is proper to be wearing flip-flops, a strapless dress or one cut down to the navel to a funeral appropriate or “respectful” attire. And don’t get me started on Prom dresses where skin and sequences are thing – is this a Miss America Pagent? I will stop here . . . I could write a thesis on this!! LOL!! “We” think that ye Royal Mother is fabulous! 🙂 Cathie

    • Thanks for the feedback. The pressure to fit in with fashion’s dictates is a challenge to avoid since selections are not always easy to afford or find. My wardrobe is stuck as a result.

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