31 Days of Simple Goodness: Food Magazines

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I’m taking the challenge to blog 31 days straight in a row on a topic.

My topic is “Simple Goodness” and I will be branching out into seven areas near and dear to my homemaking heart during the month of October. I hope it will minister to your homemaking heart, too, whether you work outside the home or are there all the time.  I write to you knowing the value we girls place on gathering helpful information on even simple, daily issues that make our time at home better for us and those around us.  That is our reality after all.

It’s fall y’all and when I think of autumn I think of a plethora of simple and good things relating to home regarding food, family, fellowship, fall reflections, fashion, and freedom.  And because I need a little spontaneity in my life, I’m keeping my Five-Minute Friday posts going.

My goal during this series is to acquaint you with a little bit of info on who I am all the while keeping it simple and bringing us back to God’s gracious goodness in even simple things of home.

I love a good food magazine!  I enjoy the layout, the presentation in pictures, and the wealth of good recipes to be gathered for “some day” to try out on family and friends.  I think I have a pretty good sense of what recipes will work for those I love when it comes to sitting down at the table together.

I have a few go-to food magazines that offer me more usable recipes than wasted coffee table space.  You know what I mean?  I bet you do too.

Southern Living (I wanted to work for them when I was in college.  Time’s ownership has changed the magazine in the past, but they seem to be returning to their roots in recipe selection and style.  I am happy about that.)
Taste of the South (Also from Birmingham, AL, offers the more familiar and more local style of Southern Living before Time bought SL.)
Fine Cooking (Their recipes may be a bit more complicated, but this magazine answers the question of why and also gives reviews of various kitchen gadgets and other equipment.)
Relish (In my newspaper once a month.  It’s the only part of my newspaper I like. Well, that and the Jumble puzzle.)

Fortunately, these also have an online presence.

I can usually find delicious recipes that have been tested and proven for accuracy and appeal.  Occasionally, I put my own spin on them and dish them up to a happy crowd or just the two of us dining together.

I used to hang onto all the various issues, but that’s just not realistic and it makes clutter which is not how I like to keep house either.  My pantry’s real estate is prime and with the advent of the computer and copying devices not to mention a good old recipe card and a pen, I have since become more disciplined in tearing out or copying the recipes I know I will want to try and then filing them away (that’s a post for another day), tossing the magazine to another who would benefit from it, or putting it in recycling. 

So, simply said, it’s good to find recipes to stash for future use as long as it doesn’t turn into a segment of some hoarding show. 

October 1 tip?  Find the food magazine niche that appeals to you and that you know would benefit your family the greatest, gather a few recipes, and make a meal that blesses others.

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