31 Days of Simple Goodness: Freedom from Fear

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There’s pink everywhere this month.

Our city’s fountains, my husband’s shirt in the ad, the paper the news was printed on, that logo up there, and the commercials on tv.

Then there are the wonderful stories from those who survived to tell them.

There are the stories of loved ones still grieving over mothers who died quickly or those who survived but who fought again as cancer showed up elsewhere for another battle.

There are some who have discovered just this month that cancer has invaded their bodies and now their thoughts.

At times, the fear of cancer’s return keeps me stifled from enjoying life.

It is at those times I have to remind myself of those words that empowered me in my spirit to get through the trial:

  • God is faithful and I trust Him
  • God will be glorified through this.

As October’s pink reminders dawned, Psalm 27 has been a sure word that has helped me again overcome my human bent to fear.  This overcoming of fear through faith in Him by the power of His word is the better reminder.  “Them’s fightin’ words, girls!”

Faith in Him trumps the incapacitating fear of the unknown.
You can take God at His word. Build up your arsenal.

When I looked in my concordance I saw that “fear” is a hot topic to be covered in Scripture.  That word is used 322 times.  Of course sometimes it means having reverence for God and sometimes it means exactly what you and I experience when we ponder our future or even the very moment we may find ourselves in where being scared is real but quickly flees as adrenaline evaporates.

Fear of tomorrow is real to even those of us who know God intimately and who trust Him far more than we give ourselves credit for doing.

Let us rest in freedom from fear today as we ponder our tomorrows. 

We can win the fight against fear but we need an arsenal of fighting words.  His words.  His words are true and we can “faith” Him.

Simply said, faith trumps fear.  What’s in your arsenal?

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