31 Days of Simple Goodness: Rest From the Worry

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Rest can mean a remaining amount.
It can also mean what I lack on numerous occasions…taking a break from worry and busyness to just be quiet, still for the purpose of refreshing my body, soul, and spirit.

That’s the “rest” I’m writing about today, specifically the “rest” from worry.

It is in the Trinity where we find our rest from worry that causes our bodies, souls, and spirits to be disturbed.

In Him is our rest, not this bench

Juggling things and burdens keeps my attempts at being still, even sleep, from being sound at times. I strive to manage it all, even rest.  It’s easy to grow weary and so I may seek out other ways to find rest, but those ways don’t satisfy my inner longing for peace either.

Do you need a rest from worry and busyness?  Have you thought any of these things in the last 24 hours?

  • How many more diapers and bottles?
  • How many more bills?
  • How many more arguments?
  • When will this loneliness end?
  • Will my cancer go away?
  • Will the children honor us?
  • Is there enough money to safely retire?
  • The fridge is on the fritz again, now what?
  • Will I get that job?
  • Will the addiction stop?
  • Why won’t they listen?
  • Where are my “friends” now that bad things have come?

You get my point.  
Life is hard and it seems that sometimes, 
there is just no rest for the weary, no rest from the worry.

Oh, but there is.

We must simply stop daily to rest from the stress that worry produces.  It doesn’t have to be for an hour, even though we think it should be.  Sometimes we may be blessed with an hour to rest, but we have to learn to fit in rest in manageable increments, too.

Need a few simple suggestions?

  • Set the timer when focusing on lengthy tasks.  Stop after an hour and sit for 15, sipping a glass of water.  Resume for another designated period of time and rest again.
  • After sitting down for a period of time paying bills, writing notes, or typing a blog post, get up and take a walk outside breathing in the fresh air.  Sure, you’re doing, but you’re doing something different.  Try to not focus on the stressing things, but focus on God.
  • Once a lengthy phone call is done, don’t jump to the next thing, but open up your favorite devotional and read today’s entry.
  • When stressed to the max, breathe in a deep breath and let it out slowly.  Grab your Bible and a pen and read a Psalm or two, underlining the passages that comfort you.
  • In tears and ready to burst from the stress and busyness, rather than turning to comfort food or a friend to vent, close yourself up in a quiet place at home (bathroom?) and just pour out your heart to God.
  • Keep a journal of Scriptures that soothe your weary soul.  Putting pen to paper can help relax you.
  • At a set time each day, stop the busy routine, and take a break.  Brew a favorite hot beverage and sip it looking outside the window, or sitting outside just listening to the sounds, not making a mental to-do list.
  • Close your eyes and listen to music that puts your mind at rest and refreshes your spirit. 
  • Take a short snooze.
  • Count your blessings for five minutes in between errands.
  • When falling asleep tonight, hold your hand over the edge of the bed and picture Jesus’ hand under yours.  “Drop” your worries into His hand one by one.
  • Fall asleep with your lips upturned in a grin rather than a puckered frown.  That helps prevent wrinkles, too.

Just as we make time to keep up our necessary things that cause us to hurry, and the unnecessary things like worry, we need to make rest a necessary thing.

Rest should not be a guilty pleasure.

I need to remember the rest of the Word on rest.  
“Come to Me and I will give you rest,” Jesus says.

Simply, come to Jesus.  He is our greatest supply source for the moments of rest you and I can begin to incorporate into our daily lives.

So, what are you waiting for?  Hurry up and rest!  (Smile).

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