31 Days of Simple Goodness: Shine Your Light

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October 31 is not far away.  Depending on where you live, you may have a few costume-bedecked  urchins ring your doorbell in hopes that you’ll fill their plastic pumpkins with candy.

You may have thoughts on Halloween’s meaning and decide to shut your doors, turn out the lights, and pretend as if you’re not home.

Or, here’s a thought, make your home the brightest one on the block.

Make it bright because it’s the perfect opportunity to shine the light of Jesus and make your home a welcoming presence on your street.

Here are a few ways you can shine Jesus’ light on this day that’s taken quite a shine to some evil costumes, decorations, and un-hallowed ways.

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  • Carve a pumpkin with a smile instead of a haunting and fierce face.  We’ve even carved them with a cross on them so the light shining through shows the cross.
  • Get and give good candy.  You’ll be remembered.  And if you gather a variety and place a few pieces in a cute bag with a sweet verse of Scripture, you’re also shining the light in a way they may not have seen before. 
  • If you’re driveway is long and the evening cool, make some hot cider, set it up on a table, have serving cups and offer your treats from there and meet your neighbors with a bit of hospitality from your home.  Share some happy music playing in the background.  Plop that pumpkin up on the table with a few other candles and your hospitality will be remembered.

Quite simply, no need to run scared from the doorbell ringing.  Instead, run prepared to welcome others to the doors of a home that embraces Jesus.  Shine your light.


  1. I love the cider idea. It just snowed here and probably won’t be gone for Halloween. I think we can bogged down in relegion and forget about grace and love and who we are called to serve. Great blog.

    • Thanks Michelle! I appreciate your encouraging response. Now, don’t be upset if people don’t partake of your hospitality. There was a time I did this that nobody took any :(. Go figure!

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