31 Days of Simple Goodness: Time for Fellowship with Him

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Fall used to be a crazy busy time when my boys were growing up. Even though I don’t have children at home right now, I am still busy.  I bet you are too.

When was the last time you had fellowship with Jesus?

Young wives are adjusting to marriage, home keeping, and working outside the home. That’s a lot of good new things to tackle and it can be overwhelming.

Some of you work to support yourselves and perhaps a few children…parenting solo keeps you busy on the road to appointments, school, work, and extracurricular activities.  You collapse at the day’s end.

You single girls may feel the pressure to succeed in your jobs to ensure you have a job.  At times, do you feel that your singleness causes you to be singled out for a bit of extra responsibility since you don’t have other responsibilities (supposedly) outside of work? 

The mom who had the nest empty only to have it filled with returning children and grandchildren needing a bit of help in this economy may feel stretched far beyond her energy capacity.  If this is you, you now know why your mom was so tired when your babies were little.  You may feel on the inside that you’re 28, but when you attempt to do some of those younger days things, you can’t quite muster up the drive needed to succeed much less the desire.  Your get up and go got up and went.

What if you’re assisting elderly parents or relatives and you still have children to tend to?   You are in the throes of that sandwich generation and wonder when you’re going to have time to even go out and select that much-needed shade of lipstick you’ve had on your smartphone’s to-do list for weeks.  At the end of the day, your needs are nothing as you are too tired to care about yourself.  There’s always tomorrow, right?

I feel your stress!

I think what you and I need about now is a simple and good reminder that Jesus is aware of our stress load too.  

I hope that gives you some comfort.

At times, I battle with believing He is truly aware of my trite need for a bit of rest and quiet.  I say “trite” because so much worse stuff is going on all over the world.  Yet, I know He cares about my most minute need, worry, or stress.

So, sweet friend, I want you to set the timer for five, yes five, minutes and spend some time where it’s quiet.

Fellowship with Jesus.  That word means to participate.  He’s actively participating in your life.  Be aware.  He sees your busyness, your burdens, and your bummed state of mind.  He’s not surprised.  Acknowledge your awareness of His Presence.

Five minutes.  Take three hundred seconds.

You have my blessing (which you don’t need) and my permission (which you also don’t need) to do this thing.  Perhaps you do need the encouragement to just leave the worries behind and focus on spending this time in prayer talking and listening to Him in the midst of your fall stuff.

Fellowship with Him.  Who knows?  This could be the beginning of a simple good habit you incorporate into the busiest part of your day.  Go for it.  Fellowship with Him is sweet.  It’s time.

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