31 Days of Simple Goodness: TV Dinner

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I may often complain about the state of television these days, but one thing I can usually find that seems worthy of my time is a good tv show that whips up some lovin’ from the oven.  Do you like them too?

Julia Childs pioneered her way into our kitchens, tables, and hearts by her prowess in the kitchen as displayed on her show long ago.

Food shows give new meaning to “TV dinner”.

I fondly remember Saturdays as a new bride sitting with my Nathalie DuPree cookbook in hand with a pencil.  Rob and I would watch her show, New Southern Cooking on PBS, and I would gather ideas for my next week’s menus to try, taking notes in the book’s margins.  Even when I was in labor on Christmas Eve 1988, I watched her Christmas marathon while experiencing contractions…under the influence of an epidural, of course.  This love for her show would afford me the opportunity to apprentice under her for a short period.

We’ve come a long way as now we have channels devoted to cooking.

Be still my heart.

When I have some time to veg out in front of the tv, I will get lost in the cooking demos and recipes of a few ladies.  I come back to these most often because I will find recipes that are worth trying.  If they don’t offer me something to whip up in the intro of their show, my goose is cooked until the next week’s episode.

  • Ree Drummond, aka Pioneer Woman makes me happy because of the way she tends to her family while living on a ranch, writing books (in addition to her cookbooks), and blogging.  She also home schools and she goes to church.  I like her.  She’s real. Her two cookbooks are pretty with pictures and good recipes.  I like her clothes, boots, and earrings, too.  I want my son David to work on her ranch so I can come stay with her and help her out in the kitchen and her herb garden.  I’m just waiting for her to invite me…and for David to ask her husband if he can come out to the ranch.  Sigh.
  • Trisha Yearwood prepares recipes, when she’s not singing and strumming her guitar, that are also down to earth and she incorporates a few guests from among her family and friends as she shares her recipes.  She has an awesome pink Kitchenaid mixer that I covet (confession to God) even though it would not coordinate with my kitchen.  However, I’d totally redecorate my kitchen to match that fuschia mixer.  I promise. (Update after watching 10/27/2012 episode…too much focus on Halloween for me, so it was a major turn off, but the soup recipe seemed pretty good.  Oh well.)
  • Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa, has a whole kitchen that’s the size of other people’s homes and well, I kind of covet that, too.  What is so beautiful about Ina is the way she ministers to her husband with the blessings she presents from her labor in the kitchen.  She seems to enjoy providing food for those she loves based on her knowledge of them.  That’s my kitchen love language, too. Her classy way of serving is topnotch. 
  • Giada De Laurentiis is fun to watch as she prepares recipes in a variety of ways.  Just this weekend, the episode featured recipes with noodles from a variety of cuisines.  I think that’s pretty clever. 

I have also gotten good ideas from Ellie Krieger and America’s Test Kitchen.  I’ll still find some good tips and recipes from Martha’s website and she’s got a new show debuting on PBS soon covering cooking basics and how-tos (kind of like Julia did).  I’ll be giving that a look.

With the plethora of available shows to view, it can be difficult to narrow down your viewing time.  So, simply find one or two that seem to give you the recipes that are most appealing and practical to you.

As you watch the shows, find the recipes you like and print them off to keep in a binder (next Monday’s post!).

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