31 Days of Simple Goodness: Voice

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I’ve been out of town but have returned home to get my Five-Minute Friday post “on” during 31 Days of Simple Goodness and I am so excited about today’s word.

I, from time to time, lean toward the voice of my emotions in getting direction and even in believing things about myself.

So long wrong voice. Listen to the clear Spirit’s voice.

I don’t often listen to the voice of my spirit that is craving to sync with the voice of God’s Holy Spirit. 

With technology the way it has progressed these days, it is possible to sync one device with another without connecting them with a tangible, visible cord…with the right app of course.

Such is the way my spirit syncs with God’s in order for me to receive His tunes and not the tunes my soul.  My spirit connects with His without a cord or anything visible to do so.

If you belong to Jesus, yours does this too!

Need an example of spirit voice and soul voice in the same scenario?  Here goes.

Take 1:  If I were syncing my spirit with God’s Spirit regarding an unnecessary purse purchase, the voice I hear would say, “Yes, that purse is lovely and it would look great and still hold the things you need, but you don’t have the money to spend on that.  You don’t need the purse so put it back.  You can do it!”

Take two.  If I were to allow the voice of my soul to dominate over that of my spirit it would sound something like this…”OH MY WOW!  I want that purse!  It’s the perfect color, fabric, and trim tone to accessorize a bunch of outfits and it would hold all my stuff!  Sure, it’s more than what I should spend, but I’ll just put it on that plastic money to pay off a little at a time!  Get it!  I want it now! My friends are for sure gonna notice it, too!”

In the first scenario with spirit voice syncing with Spirit voice, I walk away a tad wiser and very happy in the obedience department.

In the second, I walk away with a cute new purse that forces me to tote a tad of guilt for buying something I KNOW my spirit was telling me to hold off on.  If I follow the second scenario, I can almost guarantee that I’m going to be tired of that purse sooner than I will have paid it off on the plastic monthly payment plan.


Spirit to spirit?
Spirit shushed because the soul is smothering it so that’s the one I hear?

It’s a choice.  Sometimes, I have to tell my spirit voice that has synced with God to dominate over the soul voice that is trying to overpower.  Ssssshhhhh soul. Speak up spirit.

Simply said, the spirit voice is a choice 
that will keep me in line 
so I can tune out the voice whine 
of the selfish moments when my soul tries to be large.
Spirit voice?  Take charge!
What about you?  What voice do you hear and obey?

  Five Minute Friday


  1. Syncing up with God — I like that. It falls right in line with ‘remain in me’, and ‘abide with Me’. The message He has been reminding me of.

    And WOW for the amount of words you had for five minutes!! Like 5x as many as mine!! Good job.

    Linking up behind you at FMF. Glad to meet you.

  2. So… did you get the purse? 😉

    I totally get what you mean! If we would just listen to God’s voice, we would all be better off (and much less in debt)

    • Hi Kelly. I listened to the better voice and steered clear of the purse. : )

  3. Totally understand this.

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