A Bit of Noah, Abraham, and Moses. A Lot of God.

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Reading the Bible in its entirety during the summer is not the norm for me.  

Honestly, I begin each year resolving to read it in its entirety in daily portions.  Somewhere around Leviticus I fall by the wayside.

So, this idea of reading it all during the summer is proving to be a challenge.  Having a Facebook group to belong to and a blog for encouragement along the way are helps in keeping up.  My goal at the conclusion of each segment (usually 22 pages because I am using a GIANT print Bible that I have torn apart to make 4 smaller transportable books) has been to post on the group’s Facebook page the one standout verse from that reading and my application point from it.

Trust me, it is not easy for me (the one who loves to study and dig) to just read it as if it were a novel.

But, guess what?  I am really finding tremendous freedom in reading it without any other motive.

Not for studying.

Not for preparing a lesson.

Just reading.


A fresh perspective.


Since last Monday, I have read through Genesis and Exodus.  Today, I began Leviticus.

During my Genesis and Exodus reading, I realized how God desires obedience of people and nations.  As I read again about Noah, Abraham, and Moses, I realized that even as God called them to do strange things, they obeyed Him.  They made mistakes along the way, but God still used them to further His plans.

God saw qualities in them that were useful to His plans and purposes for them and those around them.

All along the way, down through these generations of people God continued to reveal more and more about Himself as He would speak to them, tell them specific names He uses for Himself, and ask of them to do amazing things with the resources available to them (I’m thinking about the tabernacle He asked Moses to get the people to construct, sew, embroider, weave, tan, etc.).

It floors me that the One Who spoke the world into being would ask us to do things knowing that our flaws were going to get in the way…after all, it would just be simpler to do it Himself.  (That kind of reminds me of how I felt when teaching my sons to do their laundry).  Then again, I think back to my school teachers asking me to help out.  In my nerdy state of school girl life, I was honored to be asked by them.  It meant they trusted me and that they had confidence in my ability to complete the task assigned.  It also meant they might have to exhibit some patience as I would complete the job to the best of my ability (and again, I think about teaching my boys how to make their beds when they were four, and I dared not redo what they had done even if the comforter was crooked and lumpy).

My two main take-aways so far:
God trusted them to get His assignment done.

What an honor to be asked by the Creator to do a little work for Him!

If you’re reading along, too, what has been your greatest take-away so far?

Leave a comment, please.  Thanks!

(If you are interested in the torn apart Bible I mentioned above, I learned about this while listening to a cd presentation, “Breaking the Bible Barrier,” by Judy Reamer.)

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  1. My biggest takeaway so far? Well, this is my 4th reading, I believe, so it’s not all brand new, but in many ways, it’s always brand new. I always discover something I didn’t see or understand before. For now, I’m just seeing how imperfect all the people were that God used, and it encourages me in my journey and all my imperfections. 🙂

    • Angela,

      Reading, reading, and reading some more always gives us the blessing of finding more treasures from the Bible. It truly is amazing how that happens.
      I am thankful for the examples of flawed people we see in Scripture being used by our flawless God. There is hope for us after all isn’t there?

      Thank you for stopping by and for leaving a comment.

      Come back soon!

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