A "Convenient" Jesus or Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

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Do you remember the other picture with me in it surrounded by the shiny metallic green wreath? Well, this one above was taken the same day at Lowe’s. Among all their outdoor blow-up “holiday” decorations, we came upon the most unexpected one, the blow-up manger, a true Christmas decoration. I had to snap a picture and immediately all kinds of titles for a post began to emerge in my mind. I narrowed it down to the two you saw at the beginning.

A Convenient Jesus

When I looked at the decoration I thought, “Although I don’t want this, how convenient this would be as opposed to lugging the life-size wooden Nativity out to the front yard. You could put Jesus wherever it suited you. Blow Him up at night with lights and deflate Him when nobody would be driving by to take a gander.”

Then I realized some major and sad truth in that statement. That is how we live so much of our Christian life. When it’s convenient and acceptable we are more inclined to show Jesus to others, share the Gospel with them, etc. But, when nobody’s looking or the situation puts a note of fear in us, we deflate the Spirit within us and put Him to rest. You can think more about that. If you have any more reflection on that, please leave a comment.

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Perhaps it would be better titled, “Finding Jesus in Unexpected Places.” There Rob and I were traipsing through Lowe’s and “behold” Jesus appeared. Granted I know it’s not the real Jesus. It was unexpected nonetheless. I think that’s why I whipped out the cell phone with camera and began snapping away. We got some really odd looks. Oh well. It made them look up and see what we were capturing digitally. For a minute, they saw Jesus, too. Good!

I encourage you (and myself) that as we are out and about to shine our light for Jesus. Help those in need. Pray for the discouraged, weak, hopeless, and lonely. Visit with or phone someone that God lays on your heart. Let us cause others to stop and see Jesus in unexpected places by the way we live our lives…all the time, not just at Christmas.

Finally, did you note the price on the blow-up Nativity (that sounds bad doesn’t it? Should I have said, “inflatable?”). $200.00. I don’t know about you, but what God did in sending Jesus into this world to die for me is something you cannot put a price tag on. As the Mastercard commercial would conclude: priceless.

By the way, I figured out three songs that sing about Jesus being born to die. Remember when I posted that on Tuesday? I did my research.

One is Bebo Norman’s “Born to Die” off his Chrismas album.

Another is Shane and Shane’s “Born to Die” off their Christmas album. Although both songs have the same title, they are not the save song. If you have them, listen to them again. (Robert, if you know how to load a song onto a blog post, let me know. I’d be your best mom forever……. already am!)

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  1. I always just look for a version on YouTube.

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