A Day in the Life of a Diva?

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You may be wondering where have I been all day? If you’re a regular reader of the blog (thanks you two!) then when you got up this morning, there was no post. Why, you ask? I’ll answer it and go ahead and let you know that today’s post has no spiritual meat after the next paragraph.

My day began at 5:30 preparing for the W.C. Bradley Co. Prayer breakfast to which I had been invited by a friend (one of the two readers of this blog). The speaker was awesome! Carol Kent, author of A New Kind of Normal and When I Lay My Isaac Down, along with several other books shared her testimony and I don’t think there were any dry eyes in the house. It was wonderful and a great way to get my spiritual groove back. Thank you, Jesus!

Here’s way the rest of the day continues.

After breakfast I journeyed to a local spa to cash in a gift card on a massage and my newest candle fragrance must-have, Frazier Fir. FABULOUS! (Both the massage and the candle). While on the way, I checked my text messages and Robert, who will be going back to the Dawgs tomorrow (boo-hoo), had picture-texted a message to me. It was of his homemade pancake breakfast. I thought they looked good. He did not because his written message under the picture was, “This is why I need you, Mon!” One of his terms of endearment for me is “Mon”. I have not a clue why, but I love it. Other names the boys call me are “Momba,” “Mammoy,” and one I cannot tell you because you would not understand it.

So anyway, while I’m getting the massage I was praying over the areas of my body where I really want God to work a miracle…mostly those prayers go like this, “less of me, more of You; less of me, more of You; less of me, more of You!” With this plantars fasciitis in my right foot, I was really praying fervently while she was focusing on that foot. I was claiming a miracle knowing that when I stood up next, I would not feel the sharp pain any more. And do you want to know what? I still have the pain! Go figure. Maybe this is one of those healings that will require prayer accompanied with fasting. I was kind of bummed, however. Oh well. And this does count as spiritual meat after all. Good!

The rest of the day doesn’t.

Next stop. Chico’s. Yep, I cashed in a generous gift card I had received for Christmas from my Thursday morning Bible study ladies. They’re going to be pleased. I bought some pretty things and on sale, too! I can’t wait to model the outfits for them over the next few weeks. I was a wise steward of their generosity. So, is that spiritual meat then? Being a wise steward? I think so!

Then to Talbot’s to cash in another gift card that didn’t go as far there.

Well, with new outfits and plantars fasciitis, what more would I need? SHOES! Yep, I went to Burnham’s and got me a couple pairs of shoes that I hope will be comfortable. It’s just not right. All these cute flat shoes and they are not good for my feet! Can you believe it? I went down one shoe aisle and saw shoes that I have made fun of because I associate them with others and not me. I cannot be more specific out of fear of hurting feelings, but I did say as I was walking by them, “Lord, I made a vow that I would NEVER wear shoes like these. And yet, I believe I see a day on the horizon where I may wear them after all! Please God, no. Do not let that come to pass.” I said that vow as though I could control my feet issues. I didn’t know. I was younger and ignorant. I think I’m going to get paid back for that uppity comment made years ago.

Lunch followed. I had thoughts of a salad but fell for a sandwich instead and it was on to the salon for my 6-week hair do touch-up miracle-working session. I just happened to ask my stylist what I could do to get a bit of “pouf” in my coiff and she has been holding out! I left with a teasing brush! Nope, I’m not teasing! There is such a thing and I’m going to practice using it tonight so I’ll have my skills in the art by Thursday morning.

The Wednesday night Bible study chicks may see it tomorrow night. They’re coming over for some fellowship in the New Year and I’m cooking a light supper for them.

And so you have it. That’s how my day went. Sounds like a day for a Diva. It could have been if only a chauffeur had been involved. But, it was nice nonetheless.

Don’t count on a post tomorrow. This one kind of sits halfway, so I’ll leave you alone Wednesday, maybe Thursday, too! I’m shaking up the routine in ’09!


  1. Good to hear from you today…I was missing you…I checked in through out the day and was wondering where is Amy…Glad to know you had a Wonderful Day!

  2. All of us girls deserve a day or two like this every now and then! I am proud you treated yourself to one!!!

  3. I don’t think we are the only ones that read the blog:O)

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