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PreviewWhen contemplating a move, I look for visual decorating advice online at Houzz and Pinterest, and I turn glossy pages of decorating magazines at the bookstore for those pictures that inspire me.

When my friend found out we are going to be moving in the house right around the corner from her and her interior decorator husband, she immediately put him on the phone.

Pause here…

{Can I tell you I had been praying that this would be just the case? Secretly in that moment of dialing her number I had hoped her husband would be the one to answer the phone so I could pick his brain for nuggets of decorating advice. I do not think I could afford him for an hour, so I truly was praying that the Spirit would nudge him to freely (as in no moo-lah) impart manuals of decorating tips as I contemplated how to move all our belongings into a more intimate space with no built-in bookshelves.  Apparently, that was not yet the rage in 1950.}

Continuing on…

So, when her husband took the phone, I had a notepad in my hand with a pen at the ready, contorting my neck to hang onto my deck-of-cards-for-a-phone without hanging up on him.  (When I smile, my cheek has been known to hang up the phone.)

I sat with my head leaning left to hold the phone, my pen raised over the notepad and he said, “Let me give you some advice….”

Cue the angelic chorus as I waited to take note after note after note. Aaaaah.

“This house is going to be home for you and Rob. Make it yours. Don’t try to decorate or furnish it for anyone else. You two will be in it 98% of the time and the remaining 2% of the time you will have guests. So, make it work for the 98% of the time when it’s just the two of you rather than for the 2% of the time when David’s home or the other kids come for a meal bringing the grand with them. Extended family and friends will enjoy your house when you entertain, but it’s YOUR home. Make it livable for the two of  you first and foremost. That’s all I have to say. I’m putting my wife back on the phone now.”

And he was gone.


I think it took him all of a minute to say that advice.

I made no list.

My cheek never smiled but my jaw dropped, thus saving me from an accidental hangup.

And so, I begin the moving alphabet with a moving message of advice with my added tip:

Make your house a home for those who live in it most of the time

and a place that honors God all the time.

31daysmovingAnother word that starts with A based on what I’m feeling right now: Alarmed. Honestly, it doesn’t look like we are moving around here. But I have peace that it will all get done.  It has too, right?

And my prayer to go with my most recent word from my soul: Thank You, God, for good advice from gifted people. You are the ultimate Adviser and although my soul may be alarmed with the things to do, my spirit can be assured that it will get done. In those moments of fretfulness of soul and fatigue of body, my desire is to be attentive to Your Spirit who indwells me so that I can truly rest in You. What a blessing You’ve provided. Thank You.

What about you today? Feel like sharing some wise advice or a Bible verse for those weary? Click over to the comments (see the link at the top of the post) and share.



  1. Amy, you are too funny! Love the way you put things into words! 🙂

    • Thank you Dagmar! I love laughter. I’m delighted you found some humor in the retelling today. Hugs to you!

  2. Good advice from your new neighbor/decorator! I had come to a similar conclusion, although still a bit timid about execution. As my new husband hung his clothes in the guest bedroom closet (where I was able to quickly make space) awaiting the major clean-out in the master closet, I heaped much guilt upon myself about it. And then it occurred to me, we pay for the whole house and we are the only ones there 99% of the time! So, we can use every room just as we please! Unless we want to, we don’t have to squeeze all of our clothes, shoes, and accessories into one closet, just because it happens to be in the Master Bedroom! Now, we will decide if he would like to have a “dressing room”! All of our rooms need a mental (and physical) overhaul! Thus, converting the house from “me” to “we”!

    • Yea for your similar conclusion! I think the idea of a dressing room sounds fabulous! Enjoy the process of “me” to “we” as you pray through the process of how your home together will be best for you two love birds. : )

  3. Amy I always take great joy in your writing You are using the gift God has blessed you with which in turn blesses others I am still learning to share my home with daughter and grandchildren some days are easier than others but we are so blessed to have the room for them..I think i have enough legos to open my own store..I love the advice of make it work for you.we have alot of laughter in this house and lots of love Thanks for all your sharing. I look forward to reading each day

    • Hi Ann,
      I’m delighted you’ve shared a bit of your own home’s story here as you’ve adapted to emptying and being blessed to fill it back up to full and overflowing with family, laughter, and even lots of Legos! You’re a blessing to your family and to me. <3

  4. Hey Precious! So, while I read this, I got this picture in my mind: whatever Amy does to her ‘new’ home, if I were to walk in, I’d feel embraced. I’d feel calm, contented, and so blessed to be there. Regardless of what colors she chose or pillows she added or pictures she hung on the walls, the essence of the place would be Amy. And Amy, to me, has always been like a hug . . . warm, kind, gentle, and knows how to make me feel welcomed and special. So, then, the conclusion is, my decorating advice: be there, and it will be wonderful, like you. (Although, knowing you, it will also be gorgeous and amazing!!!)

    • Awwww, these words are so sweet and calming to me as I ponder all that needs to be done and am ready to just be there relaxing and welcoming family and friends to our abode. I hope I will be blessed to have you in if you’re ever our way! Would love to see you and chat over coffee or tea…I might fix a little pound cake, too.

  5. Oh, this was so good for me to read today! P.S. I want to get coffee with you when I visit Columbus in a month or so. I’ll let you know when I figure it out 🙂

    • Hey Katy! I’m glad today’s post hit the spot for you. Yes, let’s do get coffee when you are here next time. I know a new hangout (my house). ; )

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