A Journey to Hear God Say, “Welcome Home”

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Today, I will catch you up on a few things.

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I haven’t been very regular with my writing.  I used to be.  I want to be.  Maybe I will be.  One day.


You didn’t need catching up on that though, did you?  : )

But, maybe you’re curious about…

The house:

My last post was about our house not selling.  That has played mind games with us.  We thought we were being obedient to God’s will.  By doing so, we thought He would sell it quickly.  But, we made a decision, after eight months of trying, to pull it off the market.  The sign is gone.  The lock box is off the door knob.  It’s no longer in cyberspace.  I am planning to enjoy it for as long as we stay.  Maybe it was a test of our willingness to let it go and He has given it back.

The stuff:

I was looking forward to downsizing for the fact that I could get rid of some stuff.  Since the house is off the market, I have decided I can still get rid of stuff.  Duh.  Jen Hatmaker’s book, 7, is certainly an eye-opener to this one who has much in excess.  So, I started at a great source of comfort for me and I cleaned out my cookbooks last night.

Most of those that I have I use just a handful of recipes from.  Sigourney (our DILove) has few and she is developing her culinary expertise and could use the cookbooks.  Sigourney, get ready, the dining room table has 90 (yes 90!) cookbooks awaiting your perusal.  Come and get ’em!  You and your other newly-married friends can have a party.  Keep the ones you want.  Give the rest away.

Because most of my cookbooks were on the den bookshelves, I decided to clean them all off and redecorate (rearrange with what I already have and like).  That has led to some bare shelves, but I won’t fill them up unless it’s something that revives us.  Right now, the emptiness is reviving us.

A pile of clothes has made its way to Goodwill.  They were too old to take to a consignment shop and because I don’t own designer clothes, even if they had been less than three years old, this particular consignment shop would not have taken them anyway.

It has been a convicting experience getting rid of what I truly don’t need.

The calling:

I have decided to give back to the place God used to heal me of cancer in 2010.  I’ve been well for a year and am regaining my strength all the time.  Even though I have developed lymphedema due to lymph nodes being removed, I have been blessed to have good therapy and good compression garments that have helped me to know how to get the fluid build up out of my left arm.

During all this time, I would make my way back to the John B. Amos Cancer Center for various check-ups and feel like I was on holy ground and would tell myself that I need to be there doing something.

No more talking.  It’s time to do!

So, this month, I go for orientation and training so I can volunteer in the very spot I asked to be in…the Infusion Lab.  Thank You, God!  I’ll be there one afternoon a week and I can’t tell you how excited I am!  Yes, I get to wear a rosy pink jacket and be an encouragement and a sign of hope to those receiving chemo infusions, fluids, and transfusions.  I’ll be able to minister to them by offering a warm blanket, a hot or cold beverage, or to sit and visit as needs are conveyed.

Summary of all the above:

As I said to someone yesterday, serving at JBACC will give me somewhere to be where I can put into practice what I learn and teach at Bible study.  I’ve been recuperating for a while and bathing in the self-pity a lot lately and I have realized I am not really living, but existing.  I’m ready to move on in my life even if I’m not moving on to another house.  It’s almost as if listing the house brought me to a place in my walk with God where I had to bare my soul.  The rainy days we had here for two weeks straight really did a number on purging my mind and my heart.  It was a cleansing time for me.

Once I had realized a few things, evaluated my spiritual condition, and confessed some sins, the sun came out here and in my life.  We felt the freedom to take the house off the market.  I am getting yet another fresh start with a renewed and fresh perspective.

Maybe that’s the place where God has been waiting for me to come.

I swear, but I can almost hear Him say to me, “Welcome home, Amy.  Welcome home.”
We are works in progress, aren’t we?  Thank God today for where He has brought you in your own journey.  Can you look back and see Him at work in your life and in your heart?
Opportunity for Response:
Please share with me what God is doing in your life, even in the difficulties.  Know that sometimes, the difficulties are meant to help us afterward for our spirits to be renewed and so we can rejoice in where we are based on what we’ve been through.

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  1. This was very encouraging for me today Mrs. Amy!
    Lately, God has just been asking me to seek him. I want to but then I don’t do it, silly, selfish, sinner of me right?! Well today, I spent time with a friend who has been earnestly seeking after God’s heart constantly for a while now, and I got to hear about many blessings God has been doing in her life. It just showed me what I am missing out on when I don’t earnestly seek after God’s heart, SO I prayed an honest prayer desiring to seek after God’s heart and he reminded me instantly of Jeremiah 29:13!
    God is so abundant in His blessings!

    • Ashley,
      Thanks for sharing your heart today and the encouragement God offered you through your friend. I’m so glad God brought to your mind a great and applicable verse for you.
      Yes, God is abundant! Thanks for reminding me of that!

  2. Oh the excess of clothing…that I can’t wear or won’t wear! I too donated a LOAD of clothing to a charity event for women. I had to actually vacuum the shoulders on the jackets to remove the accumulated dust!!!! Some purses went along with it. And, it hardly looks like anything is gone. I’ve got lots more opportunity to “share” in the clothing category. The word for 2012 – REDUCTION (Declutter)! Reading “7” has been good. Another good one is “The Joy of Less”. Love you!

    • Sister,
      Thank you for sharing your word for the year and some book titles that others may find intriguing, convicting, and motivating all at the same time. Glad to hear you got rid of some clothing and that others may benefit from your gift. Love you too!

  3. I just started reading 7 and I love it! When you told us about it in class I got it ASAP. One of my 3 words of this year is LOSE and I am trying to lose many things that are weighing me down in my life – possessions, a few pounds, negative thinking…but more importantly I want to lose myself more in God’s word and to really pay attention. Thanks for taking time out of your day to post. Love, Katherine

    • Katherine,
      Thanks for sharing your word for the year. I love your take on it! I’m glad you got the book, 7, and that its speaking to you, too! Thanks for being such an encourager! Love you!

  4. There’s so much to say! To even feel that I’d begun to scratch the surface of what God has done in my heart today and in the past couple of weeks would be a several hour process, so I’ll simply say that you are a special gift that God brought into my life when you spoke to me, that is, when he spoke to me through your voice, at church this morning. Having read a few of your blog entries, I now know a bit about some of the sufferings that have nurtured your immense wisdom and discernment. How very gracious of our Father to have strengthened me through you. I’m now excited for you about the inevitable reaping that lies in store for you after what you’ve sown!

    • Chris, thanks for your encouragement in your words here and for stopping by GG to learn a bit of what God has been doing in my life. I hope it always points to His gracious goodness and that i can communicate it as such. Be encouraged. It was a blessing to meet you at church and we look forward to seeing you there.

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