A Log Jam on the Hebrews Highway

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As I’ve been busy preparing the final notes for the Hebrews study tomorrow, it occurred to me that I had not posted yet. But, I was determined to persevere in getting those teaching notes ready before posting. Let me tell you that I can get on here and get lost (not a bad lost but a distracted lost). That reminds me, LOST comes on tonight! See what I mean?

I have nothing up my sleeve in the way of the Word today. As a matter of fact, yesterday’s revealing post was so heavy and difficult for me that as I read back over it a minute ago I was almost depressed and mad with myself for posting it. My main point in yesterday’s post was to share my heart with you. Oh well, I am what I am – a work in progress; sometimes, a piece of work! LOL! God is not finished with me, yet. I just wish He’d move a bit faster on some things and I pray I would accept His work so much more joyfully! Amen?

Enough of that. I’m headed back to yesterday’s topic all over again.

Changing the subject, I have my nostrils wide open as the smell of bleach is permeating and singeing my nasal passages. Need some background for this? Okay.

I am not a handy woman. I can cook, clean, sew, and plant my herb garden. But, when it comes to doing maintenance type things I fall under the category of the frustrated and rushed as I begin the project only to find out it’s going to take way longer than I thought. It comes out sloppy as I progress for more than an hour and grow frustrated with myself. Once, I had the great idea to paint my laundry room and back door entrance. Rob was out of town. It was to be a surprise for him as I would shout, “See how much money I saved you? I did it myself!” I carefully chose the paint colors, secured brushes, tape, and drop cloths. I thought I would only take a day. Both rooms are small. I began. An hour into the project I was calling a professional to come and finish. You know that they do not use tape nor many drop cloths! I was bummed when the ones I called could not come right away and rescue me! It would be days before they could come. I was forced to finish what I had started and I did. I was proud when it was over. Robert and David were helpers, too. They truly were a blessing to me as I completed the project. Rob came back home from his trip just as I was wiping away “Moss green” accidents from the white door frame. He was pleasantly surprised and proud of us. I’m not sure the boys appreciated me working them so hard during their spring break that year.

Our shower has needed some help as I’ve watched the grout begin to show itself as not going to make it into eternity. Knowing my tendency to fall out of love quickly with do-it-yourself home improvement projects, finally, I called the tile guy. He’s here now. He’s thorough. He found mold (I couldn’t get rid of all of that stubborn stuff – see the above paragraph on my time limit) and has sprayed bleach to get rid of it now that he’s removed the grout and the caulking.

It reminds me of when we were studying Leviticus and Deuteronomy and God’s word on mildew was to get rid of it or move out and destroy the place and the clothes on which it festered. My wheels have been turning for about a year as I’ve designed in my head a new bathroom in order to get rid of the mold (not a lot, mind you). With the economy like it has been and the fact that my feeble attempts to rid a few places on the grout of the stuff hadn’t worked, Rob and I decided that having the shower regrouted was the best way to go.

So, now you know.

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  1. I love you dearly my beloved friend:O)
    I know your shower will turn out nice.

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