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I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am at the prospect of what we are embarking on together as a community of believers this Advent!

I have received lots of emails, some blog comments, phone calls, and personal visits from people out and about who I ran into; and I have discovered we have way more participating than I fathomed. I thought this was just a hiccup of a thought that God gave me. Had I realized the potential possibility I may have chickened out and run scared into my pajamas and under the covers until Christmas arrived. God is using the response to encourage me immensely. Short of heaven, you may not realize how you all are ministering to me by your excitement to be doing such a study at such a busy time! My heart is full. God has made me glad!

I have often thought and said that in order for me to start and finish a Bible study, God called me into teaching Bible study so I would have to be diligent to stay in the Word with Him in order to prepare a lesson. Now, it looks as if He is doing the same with my Christmas time in the Word. He figures if I’m going to spend consistent time with Him during November – December, I need to be accountable to you and Him. No pressure!

I emailed Ann Spangler yesterday to clue her in on the excitement of so many who have signed on to do this together and asked her if she would like to send some encouraging words your way. She was very gracious to respond with some. So, read these words from her:

“Amy, thanks for blogging about my book Immanuel and for encouraging others to center their lives more fully on Christ during the Advent and Christmas season. We all know how tough it is to stay focused at such a frenetic time of year. I pray that God will bless each person with a renewed sense of wonder as they dig into the book and into Scripture itself, uncovering the richness contained in the names and titles of Jesus. Thanks again, Ann.”

If you are just joining us and have a, “huh?” in your brain, then go back to this post (click on that underlined part back there) to get the low-down on our Advent blog study. Then, please leave a comment letting us know who you are and from where you’ll be joining us. Comments are welcome and will be so helpful once we kick off our Advent study on November 9.

Some have had questions about doing this as a group face to face with others. Please feel free to organize a small group if you are so inclined. The blog will serve as an encouragement station, so to speak, as well as a motivation link for you to stay engaged in this time of study and prayer during the holidays.

So, outside of the blog, you can do what you feel led to do regarding the use of the book with others or solo.

Just do it!

Hug yourselves!

SDG (Soli Deo Gloria = to God alone be the glory)


  1. I am so excited for you. I may see if I can get a small group of family memebers together.

  2. Amy, I’m so excited. What a glorious response! God is using you in a mighty way!!!Marty

  3. Amy,
    Thank you for doing this study and teaching us how to blog as well.
    I have gotten many responses from the friends and family that I forwarded this to where they said they have already gotten or ordered their books.
    Looking forward to our time together in the Word.
    Love you, Karen in Highlands, NC

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