A Pep Talk

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The good news is that Blogger has fixed whatever problem they had with their site. It doesn’t take half the morning to pull up the page. Yahoo!

So, I sat down ready to pour out words of godly wisdom with a healthy mix of humor and…(cue the crickets chirping in the background) nothing. Absolutely nothing. Ask my men of the house and they’ll quickly tell you that it is a rare thing for me to have nothing to say.

I think it’s just a continuation of whatever has been going on in many of our lives…blueness.

Rather than “speak”, aka “write”, I felt like I needed the wisdom of a woman who ministers to many day in and day out, so I went to a favorite site of mine (Revive Our Hearts) because I think the name of the site says it all for me and because I get so much out of Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s teaching.

Your assignment today is to click on today’s post title and when you end up on her posting for today, read what she has written. It’s a wonderful reminder and timely, too. It’s a pep talk for we women who love God but get stuck in a rut sometimes. Does that describe any of you? It does me. If for some reason you read this at a later date and click on the title make sure you go back to the post for February 17, 2009 if it doesn’t pop up. This site may be one you want to bookmark.

Have a great day! : )


  1. Thanks for directing me there today. Encouragement for the “season”. Louann

  2. Enjoyed the assignment..

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