A Pleasing Aroma

Posted by on Nov 27, 2008 in Blog Posts | 0 comments

Hey everybody, it’s Beans! Happy Thanksgiving!

My nose is in heaven. The kitchen (which is where Amy is and why she’s not posting today) is producing some pleasing aromas and I am beside myself with thankfulness.

I have a special prayer request. Pray Amy drops the turkey and the ham on the floor and that I’m close by when it happens so I can help with the clean up.

They’ll eat the big meal for a late lunch. If they eat enough turkey they should pass out from the effects of tryptophan and that’s when I can make my move. Working my way around the dining room and kitchen I plan to “hoover maneuver”. That’s when I push my nose along the ground searching for edible crumbs. I look like a canister vacuum with the long attachment on the front end when I’m in the “hoover maneuver” and now you know why I call it such.

Well, I best go and do my part to bless everybody’s Thanksgiving around here. Guests are sure to arrive and I bet they’ll bring me a treat…

Thanks for reading today!

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