A Poetic Experience at JBACC

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Yesterday, I had chemo 5.  All went well for me.  My white blood cells were low but higher still than last week.  Thank You, God!  Other blood counts were high and good.  ‘Thankful’ is my word of choice these days.  My prayer is that if things were worse for me, I would still have thankfulness to God at the core of my being and expressing from my lips.

While there, the precious soul next to me was struggling.  I was moved to pray for her in my head as she was submitting to all help in her weak state.  It moved me to whip out my new Moleskine journal that I have begun using to journal the journey.  Lyrics to a song had erupted into my mind while riding to church Sunday.  So, I wrote those too.  They need tweaking a bit.  My poetry is a bit rusty.  Here goes the one regarding the lady next to me.

The Survivor Next to Me
Wheeled in bent and slumped,
her lifeless form defies the pall.
Simple needs met keep her afloat
as she drifts in and out among us all.
She’s been fighting the fight some 17 years,
a defiance of a 6-month prognosis.
God’s purposes for her last longer
than a doctor’s terminal diagnosis.
Nurses and staff come to her side
shedding tears of mercy and sorrow.
Her Lord knows her time of departure from here 
so she rests today for another tomorrow.
Submitting to treatment, this survivor watches
others within her sight,
amazed by the miracle of bad medicine’s good worth
to do God’s battle in the survivor’s fight.


  1. I am so proud of you. That was one of the hard parts for me at JBACC; to see some of the hard struggles some were going through. I know you are such a blessing to them all!

    I am working on a little surprise for you next week. It is for your summer since we may not see each other during that time till Fall, bur I am only a phone call away, Always. Just a few of my favorites and yours too.

    Please let me know if there are any study that you know of going on during the summer. I think it would be best for me to try and stay in something over the summer.

    I love ya. Hupo Mano

  2. You bless all who come within your presence. Shine that little light of yours!

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