A Prayer for the Next Owners

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31daysmovingWhen we moved out, we had lots of boxes. We ended up using most of them over and over on our numerous return trips. We would unload at the new place and take them back to the old place for refilling with more things. Eventually, we didn’t need those boxes anymore, but we knew the next owners would. So, we arranged to leave them in the garage for the next owners to take to their current house to use in packing up for their move.

As we finished our final trip I wondered how their move would go.

They were at the beginning of cleaning out. We had cleaned out, had a yard sale, visited the consignment store, and donated things. We had made hard decisions and some no-brainers.

We had laughed. I had shed a few tears. He had consoled. We had argued after long days of nonstop going and doing.

So, now that we are settling in, I know of another couple who are just beginning their transition and I am praying for them with the house we left in mind.

Here goes:

Father, a third family is moving into that great house and I hope their excitement over their new place helps their momentum as they face a lot of work making decisions over what to keep. There are decorating choices to make and perhaps a little renovation. I hope it all goes well for them. As many good things You did for us in that happy place, I pray You’ll be just as generous and more with them. Make the walls ring with laughter of children and grandchildren who come to visit. May friends feel welcome. May this couple enjoy this season of their life in a place that is easy to maintain and a joy to live in. May they make their way comfortably in and out of the house, coming and going in good health and much joy. May Your name be honored there most of all and may all who walk through the door know Your presence in the power of the Holy Spirit. Let Your light shine there as a beacon on that street. May Your peace reign in their home. Thank You for bringing them into our lives. What a gracious couple they have been to us throughout this process. What a blessing. Amen.



  1. Oh Amy, your prayer was such a blessing to us! I pray that the Lord will bless you
    And all your family as you live “life on the hill”.

    • Hey Janet! I’m so excited to get your comment here. Please know I am keeping you and Jimmy in my prayers as you prepare to move into your new place. I’m excited for you both and continue to be thankful to God directing you there. God bless your new home.

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