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Today’s post is one that is so exciting for me to write that I am taking a break for the day from the study post.   Thanks ahead of time for indulging me.

You know when Robert was born on Christmas Eve of 1988, I began praying then for very specific things in a possible wife for him when the time came in his life. It’s hard to pray something like that when you are looking at someone so small. But, there were several things God laid on my heart to pray for this girl and God has answered those prayers and more that I’ve prayed for 21 years.

Robert Ward and Sigourney Harrell are officially engaged as of yesterday afternoon!

Just look at them, will you?!  (Sigh of happiness)!

That boy has known for some time that she was the one and so he began to save his money to buy her the prettiest ring.  He met with Sigourney’s mother and brother to ask their blessing.  Then, he had to decide how to pop the question and hope that none of his careful planning would be lost in unexpected things that inevitably happen.  So, when he knew yesterday would be the day he got all his ducks in a row.

As he was getting into his car, I was so proud and excited, tearful and surprised (by how quickly this moment in his life had arrived).  He gently placed a basket filled with items for communion, a candle, and some tightly wrapped red roses on the front seat, made sure a 100 times the ring was in its pouch in his pocket, and double-checked to make sure his Bible and his camera were in the car.  He picked her up for a surprise event that really was not happening in order to get her where he wanted.

That was the last I saw him until he brought her to our house and Rob, David, and I, along with our parents (who came over for dinner not knowing the real reason they were here) got to enjoy the hearing of their good news.

Now you know, too!  I have been about to burst for months now knowing this day was approaching but having been sworn to secrecy, I have been good at keeping this secret, even when people would ask if I thought they’d get engaged any time!  I started to write up today’s post ahead of time, but was so afraid I would accidentally post it early and Sigourney would find out before she was supposed to find out, I have waited until this morning to even type it out.  Boy, are my fingers flying over the keyboard. 

Sigourney, you are the answer to the prayers I prayed, sweet one!  I will do my best to be a good mother-in-love to you.  I’m so thankful you are my sister in Christ and that you love Jesus more than you love Robert. Rob and I look forward to watching God form a sweet new family with you two. We are so thankful for your mother and how she and your daddy and your brother and sisters instilled wonderful things in you.  We love that we got to watch you fall in love with Robert and he with you these five years and nine months.  Girl, buckle your seat belt because you are in for a wonderful time of planning, but more than that, you are in for a wonderful blessing in marriage!  Rob, David, and I love you!

Robert, you allowed God to bring her to you and for that I cannot say enough!  I worried that by saying to you when you were still a little fella, “Don’t ever date someone you couldn’t see yourself marry,” that I might be speaking some hard words to heed.  You did well.  You did more than well!  I love that you love Jesus more than her but that you recognize who she is in Him and because of that you so love, value, and cherish her and she is already blessed by that.  Your dad and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for you two as you share in His calling on your lives!  I love you!

Thanks for sharing in my joyful news and syrupy love notes to my son and future daughter-in-love! 

Tomorrow’s post is back to the last two days of the blog study.

“Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.” (Ephesians 3:20-21)


  1. Congratulations! I am so excited for Robert and his bride-to-be! I just can not beleive this day is here! It just seems like we were planning our weddings yesterday! I will be in prayer for all involved as the days progress! I am so thankful for Robert being a follower of Christ and for the examples he sets for others! You did good mom! (and dad!)
    Love you!

  2. Oh, that was so sweet. I am so excited for all of you.

    Love ya,

  3. Hi Amy! Rob just called me to share the wonderful news. I cannot tell you how excited I am for you. He also shared the blog you had written and I have to say I was moved to tears reading your words to them both. What a precious heart you have welcoming your new daughter-in-love into the family this way. She is truly blessed to have Robert and the rest of the Ward family in her life!! Congratulations and love to you all!

    Michelle Jeffries

    I am so very excited for ALL of you
    you both are such wonderful Christian families! 🙂

    I have enjoyed watching Robert and Sigourney’s love blossom and grow over these past 5 years
    I am so excited!!!
    Much love

  5. Congratulations!! All I can say is, “Aren’t they pretty!” Robert and David are such fine, young, Christian men!

  6. Sniff, sniff. How sweet! I am overwhelmed with emotion. What a blessing! I am so happy for all of you!

    Love Y’all,


  7. Amy so proud for you and Robert of course! Your post made me cry! So very sweet and loving!!

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