A Year to Care

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I am not sure if I want to write this post.  By doing so, I am laying a weakness of mine out in the open and thus, you may make a few mental notes of those times to come when I am not following through with this.

Here’s a bit of background:
I don’t do resolutions for the year in the traditional sense any more.  Now, I choose something to work on based on a word or two I believe God is pointing to in my life.  Last year’s was “fresh perspective” and I truly worked on living out the year looking at life, circumstances, activities, and people from a fresh perspective.  I learned a little bit about patience, grace, and mercy from that perspective.  Some fruit came from that in the form of my word for this year.


I am a caring person…

…most of the time.
Sometimes, I jump out of bed and give God none of my attention.  He’s asking me to care for my relationship with Him by making time with Him a priority and habit before the cares of the day pull me away. 
Sometimes, I show care to others outwardly but inwardly, I am in a hurry, thinking about where I’d rather be, or what I would prefer to be doing.  God is showing me that my care needs to be genuine.  My caring sincerely for others shouldn’t be an obligation, but a blessing as I heed the Spirit’s pull to do so.
Sometimes, I bypass caring for my body, soul, and spirit in my busyness.  That is not healthy for numerous reasons.  God is reminding me I need to care for myself in order to better serve in my caring for others.  This will require balance.
I’m not sure how well I’ll care for God, others, and myself because it’s going to require planning and balance, saying yes and saying no, living solo and in clusters, giving and receiving – a harmony of life.
But it’s out there, here, now.  I want to hear the beautiful music of authentic care.  
     Nothing out of tune.
          No sour notes.
               No discord.
                    Grace-filled melody.
                         Balanced Triune harmony.
                              Even rhythm of God’s heartbeat aligning mine with it.
                                   Time to hear His concert, and time to contribute my part to it.
I will care for God, others, and myself with a greater purpose to do so this year. Numerous Bible verses address such a topic.  I look forward to seeing what God reveals in the process.
I took Mary Demuth‘s suggestion and found a picture (up there at the top) that, to me, embodies care.  I am going to print it off and fill that empty frame on my shelf.  A reminder of God’s picture developing in the year ahead.
Here’s where I explain the picture I chose (up at the top of today’s post)
My sister made caps for me when I was undergoing chemotherapy in 2010.  She cared for me from afar by filling a need with knitted and crocheted love.  She took time to evaluate what hats would cover well and what yarns would feel the best next to baldness.
Last February, my sister taught me (for the third time in my life) how to knit.  It stuck this time.
Also last February, I was given the clearance by my oncologist to return to the chemotherapy infusion suite where I was treated and to work as a volunteer.  I had begged him for permission for some time.  That place is a place of healing and hope for me and I was desperate to be back among the nurses who cared for me and more than that, to care for those undergoing similar treatments.
One day while working, I realized that I should be taking the skills my sister taught me and supply similar blessings to those my sister had given me in making caps for those there.
So, that robin’s egg (color of hope for me) hat was my first give-away cap to a patient I care for who has the bluest eyes.  Imagine her in it.  The flower represents life (I’m trying to make sure each hat for a lady has one on it).  It’s perched on an afghan I made representing care for self in a chair in my study where I spend time with God (care for Him) in my home where I care for my family.
Care.  My word for the year.
Interested in reading more about this concept?  Besides reading at Mary DeMuth’s, you can read at One Word 365 and at My One Word.

If you’re a knitter, you can find me (AmyKnitsNow!) at Ravelry.

Find a word or picture that prompts you to live out this year differently.
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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts this morning. Being that we have traveled down similar roads, I know what “care” is all about. Not that I give it all the time, but I know what it really means. Thanks for getting my mind to reeling this morning. There is care and then there is “care”.

    Patsy Leary

    • Hi Patsy! Thank you for sharing your feedback this morning! I really appreciate it and I also want to thank you for the care of encouragement you showed me when I was going through my cancer journey. You were/are a blessing!

  2. Amy, Thank you for reminding me of the importance of caring as I go down this new road of caring for my soul mate. He has always cared and looked after me and now God has given me the opportunity to reverse roles. It is a blessing to be able to use your life and gifts in a caring way.

    Aunt Joan

    • Hey Aunt Joan! What a treat to have you stop here and share your thoughts. Thank you for doing so.

      You and Uncle Billy are a precious couple and although I can’t fathom all you two are continuing to learn through your personal trials, I am thankful for your example of committed care exhibited in your marriage as you have both been faithful to fulfilling your covenant vows.

      You are a blessing to one another and an example to all who watch and/or keep up with you from afar.

      Take care of yourself as you care for him. Rob and I love you.

    • Amen.

    • Amen

    • Thanks Aunt MJ! : )

  3. Amy, please share the knit flower pattern from the Robins Egg hat. I’m always looking for knit flowers since I can’t crochet. Thanks

    • Gay, I sure will be happy to share it! I see an upcoming post in my near future! 🙂

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