About Amy

Digging Deep was my first endeavor into the blogging life and I so enjoyed it.  Although my purpose with Digging Deep was to encourage the reader to take a deeper look at the Bible, I sometimes veered off course from that purpose.

Between the drifting from a defined purpose and a few major events in my life in 2010, I began blogging in a new place with a fresh look and theme.  Gracious Goodness was born out of time spent living through cancer and entering an emptying nest phase of life.  The nest is empty now and I’m learning, along with my husband Rob, the blessings of parenting our adult sons and daughters-in-love. Lots of days I work hard at being Mamy to our three grand children.

God’s brought me and my family through much since my innocent first days of blogging about life and Bible studying.  He’s grown me up and I continue to learn more about Him and His abundant gracious goodness through life’s obvious blessings as well as those blessings in disguise.

Part of my healing therapy has been learning to knit and crochet in 2012 and 2013 from my sister. As a result of enjoying that hobby, I opened an Etsy shop and call it Yarn Ami Amour and for now just hope it makes enough to support my habit…uhm hobby. I would LOVE for you to support it. Really. Please?

We live in Columbus, GA and are active at CrossPointe Church with our children and grands. I get to teach the women there from time to time via Bible studies and yearly events. If you live in the Columbus/Ft. Benning area and are looking for a church that preaches and teaches all the Bible from a Reformed basis, please visit us on a Sunday when services begin at 10:30 and conclude at noon (EST).

For more about my cancer story, visit the video tab at Gracious Goodness. I hope it will encourage you or someone you love who is battling cancer.

You can also find me on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Blessings to you today,