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Hummingbird Lounge of the Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, NC

Today, I am blogging toward the end of the day from a hotel where I have come to rest and regroup in their lounge area.  It’s a chilly day in the mountains and I am warmed by the hotel’s amenities.

I have come here as treat to myself after doing some cleaning.  I sprinkled on some makeup so as not to scare the guests (didn’t need to worry about that because I’m all alone in this fabulous room), grabbed my computer, and headed out the door for some treat and retreat time.  Rest.

Intentional rest time is something I have learned to plan for and look forward to.  It’s as important to me as the daily walk.

It is during that intentional still time that I can think, pray, regroup, write, read, do nothing, or take a nap.

Yesterday, I was continuing to read Anticancer, and among many informative things it says was one thing that stood out and reminded me of the need to take rest stops daily.  According to the author, stress can be a cause of cancer.  I knew that from some magazine article a while back, but I was reminded of it again and it caused me to think about how much I allow stress to get to me.

So, today, I am taking an intentional break to just rest…
     not worry,
          not think of the what ifs
              or the what could have beens.

                    Not the what may be-s either.

…R E S T…

Thanksgiving is next week.
Then Christmas.

I can already get stressed over the things to do and the things that perhaps we don’t need to do anymore and I think about how that stress can affect my own health.

And that makes me want to commit to making sure I take time to rest for the next two months.

Remember that Jesus encouraged His disciples to come away from their work and the people to rest awhile (Mark 6:36).  That’s all the reminder and permission I need to plan times to draw aside (from worry, work, writing, teaching, studying, home keeping, people, busyness, routine, and stress). 

What about you?  Do you feel the pressing need from the Holy Spirit to draw aside each day for some time to rest and renew your spirit?  Then do it!

Opportunity for response:
What is your idea of rest?  Please share.  Where would you be?  What would you do?  How long would you rest?  Why would you rest?

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