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Posted by on Oct 20, 2009 in Blog Posts | 6 comments

Well, if I ever wondered how many of you were reading the blog I now know that it’s more than 20! I see the fans down there from Facebook following but I have my doubts as to how many are followers just for the lip service. I’m not stupid. I did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday, you know.

How do I know that more than 20 are following along? Well, I had to make a jaunt over to LifeWay yesterday to make sure my copy from last year was the same as the newer cover version. I was going to put them side by side to make sure my pages line up with the newer one. This is important when I am saying to you for example, “On page 5, you’ll see the Table of Contents…”

I’m going to have to go on faith that more than 20 are following along because all 20 copies that LifeWay had in stock a week ago are now GONE! Gomer Pyle cannot possibly say, “Surprise, surprise, surprise!” in a more surprised way than my voice is screaming in my head right now.

I ordered 10 more in my name. If you’re planning on purchasing your copy at LifeWay, go up to the counter and ask for one of them that they are holding in my name (after they get them back in stock in a few days). Or, you may want to call them and order one in your very own name. To be safe, I called Sanctuary and gave them a heads’ up, too. They’ve ordered 20 and should have them in in a week. They’re holding them under my name or Digging Deep; your memory may have one or the other lodged into your head.

Wow! Who knew who would participate?! I certainly didn’t! What a blessing!

I am getting so excited about this venture with you during Advent that I may break out an advent wreath at any moment! Glory!

Just out of curiosity, it’d be really neat if you would post a comment to today’s post letting us know who you are and where you are (city, state) so we can begin to truly grasp who is taking this Advent study together. So, please do that for me, okay?

Just in case you missed the information, go to yesterday’s post and read it to get it there.

Hug yourselves! We’re getting our advent on!


  1. That is great! I had that same thing happen with the commentary for 1 Thess. Our local stores were sold out when I went to buy one for class.

  2. Nancy Cook, Columbus, Ga…I’ll be participating. I’m not at all surprised the books flew off the shelves! I meant to go yesterday to make sure I got a copy…:-)

  3. Joining in from Tennessee – Louann – sister to Amy twice – by birth and in Christ. Truly a blessing!

  4. April Kemp, Columbus GA. So happy to be back doing a study with Amy. You rock Girl!! 🙂

  5. I will be participating. Looking forward to it!!

  6. Lezli Braswell, Columbus, GA. My sweet friend, Sheryl, invited me to join the Advent study, and I’m so excited to do so!

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