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UPDATE: If you have been here already to find out about the Advent study and for some reason you keep coming back to this page thinking I have never written any more, follow these steps. I have written more and you might want to get caught up.

1. Click here to go to the most current entry and scroll down catching up on your missed ones. Hope this helps!

The actual blog address is I usually write Monday-Friday. You may want to bookmark that address so you can come back to it.

It occurred to me today that some of you new to the land of blogging may have gotten an email forwarded to you with this day’s internet address in it and so now, every time you log on to the blog you keep getting the one page you went to. So, hopefully, that won’t happen anymore now that you know the actual blog address.

Here’s the original post with the Advent blog information in it, in case you are just now showing up to read about it. Whew! I’m exhausted.

Welcome back to you all. Thank you for allowing me to take a break from the blog.

I want to take the opportunity to share with you today an idea for all of us to participate in together during the season of Advent (generally six weeks prior to Christmas). My Methodist roots are showing about now because I miss the opportunity to be more cognizant of the Christian Church calendar. Terms such as “Advent” and “Pentecost” are dear to me.

So, here’s the idea. I hope you buy into it.

Beginning Monday, November 9, the blog will shift its focus from the 1 Thessalonians Bible study to the season of Advent. During this time, if you can afford, it would be great for you to pick up a copy of Ann Spangler’s book, Immanuel. Click on the title back there to get more information.

I have written to Ann and asked her permission to quote from the book from time and time and she is willing. I promised her I would not quote large passages. My references to the book will be more or less chapter titles and page numbers. Hence, the need for you to pick up a copy. Our local LifeWay has them in stock.

This book is a jewel as it will cover six names of God with prayer application each week. I think you will like this little book’s format and that it will bless you immensely during what has become, sadly, a most stressful time of year. My prayer is that it will motivate you to stay in touch with God during this Advent season rather than drop off of His radar as you are busy shopping, cooking, and running yourself ragged. It will serve as a time for you to set aside to sit still with your Father each day.

I have taught Lord, I Want to Know You, by Kay Arthur, to numerous groups and have benefited so much from knowing specific names of God that enhanced my awareness of His nature, His character, and His attributes. My prayer life has been blessed tremendously by this information to apply.

When I came across two of Ann’s books (Praying the Names of God and Praying the Names of Jesus) I picked them up and used them and was so blessed by the format. So, when I came across Immanuel last year at Christmas I had an epiphany right then that this would be the gist of the blog come this Advent season!

So, your homework is this. Between now and November 8, go buy yourself a copy of the book. Read the introduction to familiarize yourself with the format. Keep a Bible, some paper, and a pen handy with your book. If you are into keeping a prayer journal like I am, you may want to put a tab in yours for this Advent prayer/study. Or, you may just want to take a few notes from the book.

As we go through the season together reading this book and praying I’ll add my points to the blog along with a recipe here and there and a bit of humor as warranted. Your feedback during this time will be so valuable. So, I urge you to familiarize yourself with how to leave a comment so that you’ll be ready when the time comes. Read the “how-to” over to the left of the blog page.

Let’s get our Advent on! You have three weeks until we start!


  1. Oh, It is soooo nice to have you back. I hope your time off went very well. I love your idea and will look into getting the book so I can follow along. A Big Welcome Back. Love ya, Frannie

  2. Amy – so excited to do this book with you! Will go get book and check blog often!!! 🙂 Hope all is well. I am loving my little ones at school!!!

  3. Amy, Missed everybody last week while on trip to Minnesota. Will also miss this week and then will be back in the swing.

    It’s great having you back and I bought the book as soon as I left Bible study week before last. Can’t wait to get started. Hugs, Jenny B.

  4. Hi Amy, this is a wonderful way for me to do your study as my schedule is so scattered with this new cooking endeavor.I have purchased the book on my Kindle so am ready to go. Thanks for doing this. Debby

  5. I’m looking forward to this in Columbus , GA. Ginger

  6. Amy, I am thankful that my friend Sheryl told me about this. I am eagerly waiting for it to start.

  7. Hi, Amy! This is a new concept for me and I’m looking forward to studying with you during Advent. Ann in Columbus, GA.

  8. I’m going to get it and give blogging a whirl!

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