Almost a Month Ago

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The last post occurred almost a month ago.  The post-op pathology report had come back with wonderful news of clear margins and no signs of cancer left in the nodes or breast.  We were on the mountain top!

My head was still shiny and bald.  Eyelashes were vacant.  Eyebrows were drawn on with a brush and blonde eyeshadow.  I had to remember to not scratch where an eyebrow had been in case I erased the pencil with my fingertips and ended up with dots and dashes for eyebrows.

Now a month of continued resting and healing has occurred.  The hair on my head is making an appearance of fuzzy shortness in a nondescript dark color that remains to be discerned as dark blonde, brown, or black.  Eyebrows are coming back.  Eyelashes are visible.  I celebrated the eyelash return with the purchase of fresh mascara today.  I may forego the brow brush and shadow soon.  Baby shampoo with conditioner now is in use as part of the morning routine.

I will begin my course of radiation treatments Wednesday for 33 days (every afternoon Monday through Friday).  The preliminary appointment for radiation was interesting as Sharpie marks were made on my upper body and taped over so as to prevent the erasing of them.  After a week of the doctor planning, checking, and rechecking the prescribed radiation path, I will begin this week.

Also during the month I met with a physical therapist to get some exercises for the left arm that was trying to resume its normal stretch and reach post-op.  I was also educated in the do’s and don’ts of how to use that arm so I won’t suffer from lymphedema.

God’s continued sustaining has become even more obvious and I have been learning that after mountain tops, valleys come and regardless of how I “feel” in a valley, it doesn’t change the truths long-known about the God Who created me and loves me with an everlasting love.

I hope that is a good reminder for you today, too.

It’s good to be back!


  1. Amy,it was so good to see you and Rob today. You looked wonderful and I did not notice if you had missing eyebrows for the only thing I saw was the beautiful smile that shows your love for Jesus and everyone around you! You are one strong and special lady and I am thankful to know you.
    TO GOD BE THE GLORY for the good news you have received and I pray that the radiation will go smoothly for you. You and your family remain in our prayers.

  2. Great to have you back!! I will be praying over the 33 days of radiation. It was wonderful to see you last week. You looked wonderful.

  3. Very good to have you back! I have missed your posts! Glad to hear all the good news and I pray that good news will continue!

  4. Glad you are back. Holding you close in my prayers. I made you a card but I have been battling the flu for the past few weeks so I am a little behind. Sending lots of love your way.

  5. Amy you always look wonderful to me.

    When I started the path of Chemo, I knew the Lord had made me and he would take care of me. As I look at the past 11 years, He is still looking after me. I am just so thankful for life and the ability he gives me to live each day.

    Remembering you in my prayers each day that the Lord will be powerful in you and that the 33 days of radiation will be easy.

    Blessings to you today, Patsy

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