Alone and Preparing. Pray Please.

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Me with my festive solo supper.

I am here in a library in North Carolina quickly blogging to you while I have internet access!  Oh, how I’ve missed the internet on a big screen!  It’s me and four senior gentlemen in the newspaper room here.  I’m trying not to chuckle as I type fast and furiously before time runs out.  All of our stomachs are growling.  It’s past lunch time!

I must be quick as I tell you I am in the mountains preparing for two events.

The first event?  Sister Retreat!  It is that wonderful time of summer when my sister and I meet in the mountains of Western North Carolina for a few days of chai sipping, knitting, Bible study, eating, talking, laughing, and sharing of tips relating to phones, fashion, organizing, computers, cooking, housekeeping, hair care, and anything that relates to anything we may do while together.

It’s a blessed time that we both treasure and it is just never long enough when we get together.

No joke, we bring our SUVs packed to the hilt with whatever we think we may need during our days together.  And our two vehicles arrive from Georgia and Tennessee with all the things we think we might possibly need and then some.

I have been preparing the food, the house, and a few surprise gifts for her while she’s here.

[Side story inserted here:  while I’ve been waiting on her to arrive, I have been all alone.  Yes, I was alone on the Fourth of July.  What was I thinking?!  It felt so odd as neighbors around me shared company with family and friends here with them.

I, on the other hand, shared text messages in written and picture form with my family back home.
Even though I have been here sans family, I have not been alone.  
My communing time with God has been sweet and nourishing to my spirit.]

The second event?  I’ve been working on some things as I prepare to go to She Speaks in two weeks.  I’ll be presenting two talks to be critiqued while there and so I am hoping that if you have read down this far that you will add this to your prayer list for me and all the ladies (700 strong from all over the world) as we prepare our hearts, spirits, and gifts to bring glory to God in the way we write and speak while in Concord, NC and in the years beyond our time there.  Pray that we would have wisdom and discernment as to how God is directing each of us to use the gifts He gave us once we depart.  Pray for God to bless us with opportunities for His sake.  Thank you!

I better get back to the house.  My sister will be here in an hour and I don’t want her to show up to the house without me there!  Yes, that has happened as I got sidetracked in the grocery store last year.  Who knew there are so many crackers to go with cheese?

Feel free to leave a comment of anything that pertains to anything I wrote about today.  Please.  Please?!


  1. Love the new name for the blog, Amy. It’s perfect! Love to Louann — there’s nothing in the world that restores the soul like sister time. Enjoy each other!

    • Thanks Aunt MJ! I appreciate the feedback on the blog AND on nurturing the sister relationship. Love you!

  2. Love, love the pink and the name and the heel. you go girl! And the font and font size is perfect.

    I am praying for you as I hope you are for me as well. My blog mirrored yours today!

    Love you… see you soon!

    • You noticed the heel! Yea! I am praying for your preparations too. Thank you for the sweet feedback. Love you! I’m heading over to your blog right now!

  3. Hi Amy,

    You are so blessed with your gifts….love the new blog.

    Did you know the family whose home was destroyed by lighting on yesterday… we heard the strike… we understand they were away on vacation…Thank God no one was injured and/or killed.

    Please enjoy your conference.

    They found a cancer mass the size of a golf ball so more tests to determine where it is. But I am beliving the report of the Jesus The Christ that I am His therefore healed…

    God bless…

    • Hey!
      Thank you for the sweet words pertaining to upcoming plans.

      I did not know the family, but am sorry for their loss and thankful for their lives being spared. Our house was two doors down on the other side of the road and we had moved from there before the house was struck once before.

      More than any of this I want you to know how much I am praying for you sweet Maude as this new finding has surfaced In your body. Yes, you and I know the power of God to heal and I am praying for us to see Him do that in you.

      I love you so!

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