An A-Maize-ing Experience

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What a nice long weekend. Rob, David and I went to NC for the weekend and returned home last night; thus the reason for no post yesterday. The three of us planned to go to dinner at an old bed and breakfast on Sunday. Rob and I found the place when we were newly married and went for years until it became more difficult to leave small children with family for long weekends. We figured we had not been to the Stovall House in north Georgia for 15 years! At one point I swore that the porch view of the mountains was the cover picture for The Notebook, but I didn’t confirm it while I was there.

I actually posed for a picture (not typical for me) but it’s with my man at a place of sweet memories. It was sweet bringing our youngest along for dinner. Kind of made me melancholy. I had brought both my babies before but they were still in the womb at the time. Is that t.m.i. (too much information)?

I love the style of that house and often think how neat it would be to have a farm house down a winding road. I can hear the screen porch slap shut in a squeaky fashion and smell something good coming from the kitchen.

As the three of us were enjoying the cheddar rolls and conversing with the owner, I looked down the porch and saw my very own eldest son working his way to our table. It took my breath away! I looked at Rob who was obviously aware this was going to occur! The two of them had concocted this scheme to surprise me and it worked. It was sweet to say the least and David was excited, too. He would have someone to go through the corn maze with.

Now you know why I named the posting such as I did. Our ultimate reason for going near Helen to supper was so we could go to the North Georgia Corn Maze after dinner.

What I thought was going to be a quick run through a bunch of stalks in the dark (we had flashlights, praise God) turned into moments of panic during an hour and a half jaunt through the thing! At one point some rowdy church youth began throwing corn cobs wherever they felt like and we missed being hit by inches. The boys decided to defend us and they would toss back. Eventually the danger ended. But, we decided that if the corn wars broke out, Robert could be the “kernel” or is that “colonel”?

We traded corn cobs flying through the air for puns being tossed about. You can imagine things like: “I’m all ears,” “shucks, how do we get out of ear?”, “this is silk stalking,” you get the gist. But it was fun and when it came time to part our ways, I had a lump in my throat. I was thankful that my man got me and the boys together for some f-u-n! We helped some farm, too, by paying for four tickets into their corn maze. It really was a-maize-ing. I leave you with a picture of my boys at dinner and a BIG THANK YOU to Rob for arranging such a sweet evening. He speaks my love language so well! I love him so!

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  1. OHHHH…That is so sweet…The whole weekend, but espeically your surprise from your son.

    You can probably tell I am playing catch up on the blog. I am finally getting the hang of it.

    P.S. I did my first day of homework today, but I am not sure about tomorrow..Got to watch those tigers play ball..I hope I see a really good game. War Eagle!!

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