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Modern miracles. Some say that miracles do not exist any more. Call me simple, but I believe the fact that God answers prayer miraculous. He chooses to listen in on our pleas and feeble attempts to communicate with Him and He responds. The fact that we even have direct access to His throne is miraculous; that His Son presents us before the Father as worthy to be presented to the Father is miraculous.

I want to let you in on an excerpt from my journal. The date was July 10, 2007. The top of the page reads, “Pray that Robert would be a Timothy for a Paul; that he would have a godly mentor.” Following that at the top of the page are notes I took in prayer form from the book of 1 Timothy, a letter from Paul (the mentor) to Timothy (his young mentee – not sure that’s a word, but it is for the sake of the post today).

For the next four pages in my journal I prayed through that letter supplicating for our oldest son in a way that I can only say was coerced by the Spirit of God. He had shown me some things and I turned them into prayers for Robert who had been talking for years about a calling into ministry.

Here are some of the general prayers, leaving out the specifics for the sake of length and attention spans…

  • that Robert would supplicate, pray, intercede, and give thanks for all men in authority in his life; for a quiet and peaceable life among them, for godliness and reverence
  • that others (including his parents) would not despise his youth; that he would be an example to believers in word, conduct, love, spirit, faith, and purity; that he would give attention to reading, exhortation, and doctrine with progress evident to all
  • that he would withdraw himself from useless arguments over words
  • that he would exercise godliness with contentment
  • that he would guard what is committed to his trust (the Word), avoiding idle babblings (man’s knowledge)
  • that he would be drawn to genuine teachers of Truth and recognize counterfeit and flee
  • that God would provide him with a “Paul”
  • that he would be diligent to present himself approved to God, unashamed, rightly dividing the Word, a worker harvesting the white fields
  • that he would be ready to preach the Word in and out of season because now is the time when people want their ears tickled above hearing Truth (that he would not be a tickler of ears)

There were many more things I prayed on those sheets of paper that day. My spirit could identify with the women in Timothy’s life that day as I prayed fervently those things for Robert.

Today, is just one more way where I have seen God answer my prayers for him. He begins his official summer of interning at a church here in town, CrossPointe. His “Paul” is the pastor of that church, Brad Evangelista. This internship is complete with a contract of responsibilities and expectations for Robert for the duration of the summer. He even gets to take a trip to Raleigh-Durham in June. When he found that out it was as if he had awoken early Christmas day to the best present ever! You have to know him to understand that being in the same room with teachers such as John Piper and Mark Driscoll are dreams he has dreamed for years! My favorite part of his summer will be hearing him preach a full-length sermon one of these Sundays. Last year he had to share the Gospel in 10 minutes. He did it and with precision and understanding. But then again, I’m a bit biased.

And so, I saw him leave this morning with a bit of butterflies in his stomach as he headed out the door to a summer of Timothy and Paul. My heart is thankful and full, in general, to see God’s work. I am thankful that there is someone who is willing to take this young man and show him the ropes of pastoring, teaching, and leading. Robert will see the Church from a different angle this summer. My further prayer is that he will love the Church more passionately and come away with a few weeks of equipping that will have eternal benefits for generations to come. This is one step on the path towards God’s ultimate call on his young life.

My prayers continue (for all my men and now Robert’s “Paul” and the staff of CrossPointe). The miracles will come. God is faithful.


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  1. Oh Amy,

    What a blessing. That is just awesome.

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