Application from Ruth

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At last we are covering the final piece of inductive Bible study- APPLICATION. We have by no means exhausted this wonderful subject, but as my intent has been to expose you to this practical way of purposefully reading  and studying Scripture I hope that it has been a good run with Ruth for you.

This last piece of the inductive method doesn’t ever happen all at once at the end. And perhaps I should have said that to you earlier. But if you have been hanging in there doing the assignments over the last few weeks, you have most likely already had application occur in your thoughts or in your prayers. Maybe in your actions, as well.

Application asks the question, “What does this mean to me?” Or better yet, “How does what I read change me or turn my focus towards God?” Here’s another way of phrasing what application encompasses in a question form, “How am I inspired to live out the gospel of Christ after having read this book/chapter/verse?” Here’s another one, “What am I dying to share with someone that God has taught me from studying this?”

What happens at the end is when you leave your words on paper answering those application questions above touching pen to paper for posterity. In application it is so important to take our head knowledge from all that observation and interpretation and put some muscle on it of the physical kind and live out what God has stirred in our souls.

Go get your Bible and open up to Ruth. Grab your paper and pen and sit down with a cup of something warm or iced, depending on where you live and what time of day it is for you. Here’s your assignment:

  • Read all of Ruth
  • As you are reading, jot down those things that the Holy Spirit uses to strike an application with you, whether they are convictions or affirmations. 
  • Now, take that list and pray thanking God for his word, for this special little book, and how he has used it to change you.
  • Get up and go about your life changed for God’s glory.

I am sad this has come to an end, but honestly, it’s not the end. Rather, it’s a jumping off point of decision for you. What are you going to do with these tools you’ve learned and put to practice?

Furthermore, I would love, love, love to hear from you as to how God has spoken to you through your time in Ruth. Leave a public comment on this post or send me a private comment if you like, using the form on this post.

I’m going to take a break for a week and then I’m coming back to take this inductive method a step further by showing you how to use a bullet journal concept and some creativity to study your Bible. So, get ready!



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