Are You Willing to be Tutored?

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“Lord, I’m about to open up this Bible for the first time in a long time and I commit to you that I will finish reading it and have great understanding of it so I will make you happy, uhm…this time.  Amen.”

Have you ever prayed a prayer similar to that?  Or, maybe it wasn’t a prayer but just a thought you had.  Perhaps it was just a casual comment to a trusted friend.

Admittedly, I have prayed, thought, and said it often in my life before. 

Then that all changed once I realized that Bible study, like so many things, is a skill that has to be developed over time.  I didn’t understand that I had a part to play in my understanding of the Bible.  I thought that I could just open it up and have understanding. 

When our faith moves us to respond to His call, we are birthed into the family of believers.  God’s Holy Spirit indwells us and becomes our resident tutor right then. 

Jesus said about the Holy Spirit in John 14:26,

“But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will (1)teach you all things, and (2)bring to your remembrance all that I said to you.”

(colors, numbers, and letter sizing I added)

My job as a student of the Word, is to read it and be a sponge willing to soak up what it contains bit by bit and then live it out.  The Holy Spirit will do His job.  I’ll do mine.

Now my prayer before I read the Bible is not one of fear of not understanding it.  No.  Now it’s praying to God to empower the Spirit that dwells within me to be that resident Tutor and convey the lesson for my life contained on pages of Scripture.

Pray when you sit down to open the Bible that the Spirit would illumine the words on the page so they become alive to you.  Pray that God would give you understanding and clarity.  Ask Him to help you live it out.

Questions for response (share your answers in the comment section to be posted):
What keeps you from studying the Bible?  What do you believe is your greatest hindrance to understanding it?


  1. Making time – giving it priority – consistency. Having a plan (what to study, how much time to spend on it). Is it quiet time or bible study that I’m doing? How does that influence “the plan” (what, when, time)?

  2. Hi Sister,

    I often experience the same things/thoughts/hindrances that you have just mentioned. I have found that if I get bogged down in making a perfect plan to execute, I won’t execute it. My focus becomes making the plan rather than reading the Bible.

    Sometimes, my study time spills over into my quiet time or I get study answers from having had a quiet time. My quiet time is more prayer time and devotional type reading and journaling, fyi.

    My prayer is that you will hang out in the Word each day and that God’s Spirit will encourage you as you do so whether it’s quiet time or study time.

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