Asking, "What Now?"

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Isn’t that usually the question we ask ourselves after something major happens to us?

What now?  What should I do next?

Since I seem to be asking questions today, may I ask some more?

To whom are you addressing that question?  You, someone else, or God?

Honestly, there have been plenty of times when I have addressed that question to the first two options.  Sadly, I think those times have outnumbered the times when I have asked God that question.  Blame it on culture?  Nope.  I take responsibility for misdirecting and I am sorry that I have.

It’s just so easy to ask a human because most people are willing to either give the answer or banter options around with me.  Selfishly, I want an answer quickly.

Prayerfully asking and waiting on God’s answer is hard.  I believe that’s the bottom line for why I have so often not asked of Him and waited.

It has been almost a year since I found “the lump” that felt like a cell phone wedged in my upper chest.

You know what?  I really believe God had me go out of town all by myself to care for our oldest who was sick.  I stayed the night in a hotel.  I had no one to report my finding to in the moments following.  It was the right thing to get out of the shower, throw on my jammies, and sit on the bed opening my Bible and seeking God’s direction in a whispered, lump-in-my-throat question, “God, what do I do next?”  I wrote about that here.  The timing was before I had seen any doctor.  I really didn’t know the lump was cancer, but kind of felt that it would be.

As I sensed His response that night, “Take the next step,” I obeyed after reading Psalm 4, and took the next step.  I went to sleep.  The next morning, when I asked Him what to do next, I obeyed when I sensed Him directing me to get on the road and share my finding with my husband upon arriving home.

So, that habit of asking Him what to do next is becoming more and more natural.  It seems like the Ward household is having many more opportunities to ask Him this question and wait on His answer.  Fortunately, He does answer.  I am so grateful.

What about you?  Who will you ask the next time you need to know what to do?

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