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PreviewBooks. I love them. I have a weakness for them. I even wish I wrote them and you would buy them.

I enjoy the cracking of a new spine and the fragrance of new pages.

As a little girl, I sat at the feet of the librarian as she circled all us kids up for the reading of the latest addition into a library filled with all kinds of editions.

I can see Mrs. Lisby and Mrs. Martin in their sweaters wrapping their shoulders, reading glasses situated on their noses. Immediately I was taken to a new place of adventure based on what they read. I was in heaven!

That love for books has been with me all my life.

Two years ago, my husband and I gave each other Kindles for Christmas. After we returned at the end of that day to our home and sat down to play with our new toys, we quickly realized that an electronic book was not going to do it for either of us. First of all, we needed lots of light to see the electronic print that we had to magnify in addition to what our reading glasses could offer.

We were sad.

The next day, we took the Kindles back to the store and went shoe shopping instead. I got Frye boots and can’t remember what he purchased.

I came to the sad realization of book excess last week and even posted about it on Facebook, “My #rightsizing adventure reality today: I have too many books. This has got to stop. Too ashamed to post a picture. : /”

After cleaning out our living room cabinets that held books behind doors and all the bookshelves in the house, between the two of us (mostly me) we had enough books we were willing to get rid of that covered the entire dining room table in stacks of 10. There are still lots of books that we are willing to move with us.

A harsh reality hit while trying to sell them. Someone asked if there was a preacher in the house. To which my husband quickly responded, “No. These belong to my wife, but she can get to preaching sometimes.” (I’m laughing as I type this).

So, my lesson in all these books can be laid out in a few tips rather than annuls of info:

  • donate unwanted books to the local library

  • sign up for a library card and take advantage of its resources (and visit the books you donated)

  • drop the membership card to the bookstore as it can serve to feed the bad habit of excessive book buying

  • if you buy another book, get rid of one that you’ve read and no longer need (don’t outgrow the area on the bookshelf)

  • ask a friend if you can borrow that book they mentioned owning and you want to read, then return it to them (which reminds me I need to return a book to my friend Lou Anne).

31daysmovingWhat’s my soul saying today? Blessed. Blessed to be able to buy books and donate them when we are done. Blessed that God took the load of trying to sell our house off our plate and brought people to us. How rare! How extravagant of Him!

Father, I thank You today for being our Banner of love. You’ve gone before us in preparing this current house to sell in Your perfect timing. You’ve been my personal Banner of leading the charge to heal me while living in this house. Yes, that’s another blessing for which I thank You. You go before us to the next house and prepare great blessings there as well. Thank You.

Okay all! How do you deal with your book collection? Do you like your Kindle or Nook? Do you miss the smell and feel of paper? Do you keep some paper copies and buy ebooks for the unimportant reads? I’d LOVE to get your feedback! Go up to the comments up there near the title and leave some love.



  1. I have a Kindle and I love it. Mainly because I can hide all my book hoarding from view. But I still by paper books for bible study. I can’t write in the margins of a digital book. I still buy printed cookbooks. I do miss the smell and feel of paper of a good HARDBACK book, but not paperbacks.

    I limit my books to what fits neatly on the bookshelves. If it won’t fit, something has to give. It’s a pretty simple way to limit myself, but it seems to work.

    I saw yesterday that you packed up your books. It made me flashback to the day I finally got my bookshelves and got to unpack my books after three years. It was a HUGE deal for me to be reunited with all those old friends. I’m hoping that you get to put your books away much sooner than I did!

    • Susan, I’m loving your feedback regarding the Kindle’s suitability for certain types of reading. You and I are kindred spirits in our cookbook love and Bible study preferences as well.

      My plan is to be reunited with my books after a week’s hiatus. Yea!

  2. When I think of your book collection, I just think how many times you have shared your thoughts from your readings with us. If you had not, we would be the losers. I know you must have a collection, but from one reader and admirer of your writings, thank you for giving of your time all these years!! You are amazing Amy and we appreciate you so much. PS I love my kindle too! Then all I have to keep up with is with one book instead of hauling others around! Happy Moving!!

    • Patsy, you may have me convinced that a Kindle is in my future, again. : ) Thank you for your gracious words of encouragement to me personally today.

  3. “drop the membership card to the bookstore as it can serve to feed the bad habit of excessive book buying” // What about the purchase of discounted items thereby made possible for your children? Hmmm? YOU might not want to overstock books, but I have no problems with it! 🙂

    • Precious Robert! You know I have passed along that love for books and printed materials and if I must, as your mom, hang onto the B and N membership, then I must. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here today. Love, yo mama!

    • And there are other things at B&N besides books… 😉

      • Yes, dear daughter-in-love, there are. ; )

  4. I have recently discovered ibooks on my ipad and love it…I can even underline stuff and it lets me go back and reread my “notes” or pages I marked.The ibook saved me about $7.00 over ordering and s&h charges from Amazon I now have kindle on the ipad so they are cheaper too

    • Pamela, I didn’t realize that about ibooks. I don’t have an iPad though. However, I do have the Kindle app on my phone and laptop so I can read a few ebooks I’ve purchased and some free Kindle books I’ve “bought” while the free offers ran.

  5. So I’m in “comment mode” today. I was good about going to the library for years. LOVE, love, LOVE books, but not much of a buyer. Until my Kaye got a job at Barnes and Noble. Yep. You heard that right. My daughter has a JOB at the local B&N, which means I have to go there to visit her, which means I enjoy being there immensely and always end up (after perusing for hours) finding something to buy. But I’m supporting my daughter, right? And she buys it with her employee discount! Ta-daaa! (So, come up to Raleigh to SEE ME, and you can go buy a book at B&N for 40% off tooooo!)

    • Becky! Don’t tempt me with that 40% off deal! Wow. That would be my undoing for sure! Yes, I understand your need to support your daughter in her job. ; )

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