#B90 Summer Reading

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I am reading along with the #B90Days Summer Reading Plan and concluded day 3 this morning and will begin and finish day 4 during the day.  If you want to keep up with my personal daily key verse and application as I read through the Bible from Memorial Day to Labor Day, you can “like” the Digging Deep blog page on Facebook and be able to keep up with me that way.  I would love for you to join in and read along, too!  Of course, blogging about the things I read and the application will definitely occur here during the summer months.

Already as I’ve moved from creation to fall, flood, and Jacob’s twelve sons, there have been the usual things I have thought and noted before during prior readings.  But this time as I read along my hope is to find the nuggets that remind me of God’s character and how they can motivate me to rest in Him.

After all, timeless truths are well, timeless.
                                                          God does not change. 

Here are the nuggets I’ve mined so far:

Day 1- Genesis 15:1 – I have no need to fear knowing that the One Who shields me best is active (not absent) in my life.
Day 2 – Genesis 21:1 – My God is my gracious promise keeper.
Day 3 – Genesis 40:23Even when I feel forgotten by man, I can count on God to remember me. Obscurity on earth does not mean absence from the mind of God.

It would be great to read through the Bible together this summer.  Won’t you consider it?
Opportunity for Response:
What is a nugget you have found in the Bible today that encourages you?  Please leave a comment.  I would be so encouraged by your response.  Thanks!

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