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Hey friends! We arrived home an hour ago and I’ve been playing catch up with phone messages, emails, Face Book, and now the blog. What a weekend! It was beautiful and restful. But, I have a feeling I’m going to be making up for it big time to prepare for the things going on this week. But, it’s good to rest from…everything in my life seems tied to the computer other than laundry, so it is good to rest from the computer. I did have withdrawals, though! Even got cranky over it! Lord, forgive me and my badmoodness! I better go say that to the menfolk, too! Poor guys. They confronted me on my addiction to the computer (and that was not the reason for my bad mood). I disagree. I just have found a device that truly helps me in ministry. : )

Speaking of asking for forgiveness, that study starts this week. I asked for your prayers earlier and I ask you to continue to be praying for those coming on Wednesday night (22, so far). I can just tell our mighty God is at work on this thing and He’s going to make sure we are ready for any number of individual things through it: healing, forgiving self, forgiving others, looking for the good in the midst of what we thought was bad. Who knows what each will grow in? God knows and He who began a good work in each of us will see it to completion. Glory!

Isn’t that awesome?

Other things going on this week…Hebrews part 2 has begun and we will go over lesson 1 this week. It may seem like deja vu all over again, but we are really looking at “priest, high priest, priesthood” this week and how that relates to Jesus and what He’s better than. Although we have covered that a bit, we will review it and then some this week. And God has added two sisters to the group, too! Pray they don’t suffer from overwhelmation. We all began Bible study at some point so we all know how challenging it can be to hang in there. So, let us be praying for each other as we approach Thursday. You thought I was going to say “the throne of grace” didn’t you?

Thanks be to God that our Great High Priest, Jesus Christ, lives to intercede on our behalf! I just know that He is lifting us up and our time together this week.

One other thing and then I have to go. David’s sweet girlfriend is on the homecoming court for Columbus High School Friday night. I am beside myself! Y’all, I am living vicariously through her this week. Whether she wins or not the crown, I know for a fact that she is going to make Jesus proud Friday as she represents Him being salt and light wrapped in beauty inside and out. When you pray this week, say a little prayer for Valerie.

My boys have precious little girlfriends. Robert and Sigourney. David and Valerie. Those girls are daughters of the King and I am so thankful! Boys, you have chosen well. And the best part is when we are all together I am not outnumbered! Sigourney asked me to paint her face as a butterfly for a costume party she and Robert went to week before last. Do you know how huge that was for me, a mother of boys? I mean, yes, I do my own makeup, but I don’t have experience with making up anyone else. I was honored and she looked beautiful despite my attempts! Precious, just precious!

No time to check for spelling errors, so don’t notice any, okay? Thanks.

Bye for now!

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