Bad, Bad Beans…

Posted by on Dec 22, 2008 in Blog Posts | 2 comments

Hi, my name is Beans and I eat pound cake when nobody is in the room.

Robert cut a hunk of Amy’s pound cake. She made a bunch of them last week and over half turned out…bad. And ugly. His hunk of cake was four inches wide. He thinks that’s a slice.

I haven’t had any of her homemade pound cakes before.

Until today.

Robert was settled in a chair in the den set to read and eat. When Amy got home from shopping for all my presents on my list (I’m just sure of it), Robert left the room for a minute. When they walked into the den, the slab of cake was gone, except for crumbs. They’re blaming me for it. Could it be they saw me leap from the chair? Or, that I cannot stop licking my lips over the heavenly goodness?

Either way, it’s true. I’m a closet cake eater.

It was worth the talking to; very well worth it.

I wonder if I’ll still get a present on Christmas…


  1. Girl, don’t feel bad. If I saw a piece of Amy’s cake unattended I think I would eat it too! In fact, if this happens again….save me a bite! ;OD

    Maybe we should join some kind of support group….”cake-eaters anonymous.”

  2. Way to go Beans…we are all proud of you over here…esp. Buster our dog who gets fed every day by our three year old!

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