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A bare wall before life adorns it (

I stare at today’s bare screen and think that once again today’s word at Five Minute Friday was just for me.


The blank white wall before color and pictures adorn it.  

Bare before beauty.

The state of all who are born physically and spiritually.  

Bare before the Maker.

My heart as I lose another friend from my chemo days to cancer this week, yet she is in a better healed place. 

{How long before I remove her from my Facebook list 
because the reminder lays me bare?  
She was a faithful and 
encouraging commenter here and on FB.  
I will miss Maude.}
Bare from loss.

The color of the Tennessee sky today as I begin packing up to leave my tenure of caring for my recuperating sweet Sister and return to the embraces of my sweet Husband. 

Bare nature.

Bare time alone in the car on the trip home as I wonder how Sister is doing without me and how Husband is preparing for my return.  

Bare time alone between embraces.


I can barely write more.  Time is up.

I’m baring my soul with others today at

Five Minute Friday


  1. Sounds like you’ve had a big week. Wow. Wishing you safe travels home and a period of calm next week.

    • Thanks Susan! It’s been a blessed time with my sister whom I dearly love. I’m fortunate to have been able to help her out. Maude’s passing just weighs heavy on my heart today.

  2. Beautiful words, great use of five minutes


    • Thank you Marissa! Thanks for stopping by to read my FMF post today. I’m headed your way now.

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