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Hey everybody! It’s Beans!

I’m taking over the blog today. Shhhh. Not y’all, Frankie’s right here and is most concerned that I’m a little too full of myself. Now she’s complaining about what she got for Christmas….another day with moi! I do NOT understand her attitude. Furthermore, she’s prancing around in one of those red hats and purple boas. It’s like she belongs to some kind of group for aging dogs. Let me tell you, the hat is sorely in her way…bump, bump, arf, bump. She trips over the boa, too! (I’m just kidding! They wouldn’t dare give her such things. Give ’em credit for smarts now.) I just thought it’d paint a pretty picture for you guys.

The day after Christmas is fabulous to me! Everybody is home and nobody’s shoving me in the crate to spend a zillion hours with the hairless wonder. Howllelujah! Did you see what I wrote? Cute, huh? Get it? HOWL-le-lujah?!

I DID get the blanket. Two as a matter of fact or maybe one’s for Frankie. Idk. See my picture at the top? I told you pink is a good color for me! I’m waiting for the beds for every room. Didn’t some president say that one time? No? Oh, a chicken in every pot! Thanks, Frankie! Hey, I’d like that, too!

I’m cozied up in my blanket as I update the blog. My Christmas present to Amy is a day off from Digging Deep.

I hope you and yours had a merry Christmas! Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season!

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  1. Howllelujah:O) I’m glad you had a great Christmas Beans.

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