Beans on Little Boys and Thanksgiving

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Hey, it’s Beans!

Amy is very busy today. She’s helping her niece and nephew by looking after their two little boys. I’m a little nervous. I’m not around little ones much and well, they scare me. They think I’m cute and they want to be around me all the time and touch me a lot. I don’t know what to do. About the time I find a sunshine puddle on the floor in front of the window, they find me and I cannot relax in the warmth. Sometimes I lose it and run with my tail between my legs and my ears pinned back; a sure sign of fear and feelings of intimidation. The oldest one is as old as me, four, but he’s bigger. The other one is half that. Pray for me all you friends out there reading this post.

On another note, Thanksgiving is around the corner. I made a list of things I am thankful for:

1 – Amy’s fuzzy pink bathrobe she lets me curl up in…while she’s wearing it.

2 – Amy’s ability to drop crumbs while she cooks and my ability to clean her floor.

3 – Big boys who like to snuggle with little dogs (a shout out goes to Robert and David…and Rob).

4 – Roaring fires in the fireplace that keep me warm.

5 – All my toys and baby blankets.

6 – Things that delight my nose, which is big compared to the rest of me. Those things are fresh air from the air vent, the smell of bacon cooking, Gold Bond lotion, Frazier Fir Christmas trees, morning breath followed by toothpaste (whew!), and Febreze.

7 – Frankie, a.k.a. “Granny,” “Big Sister,” “the Hairless Wonder.” For those not aware, she’s the old lady dachshund who spends most of her time in the laundry room crate asleep.

8 – A good game of tug-o-war, fetch, and/or hide-and-seek with my toys.

9 – Supper which is served twice a day (morning and night).

10 – Amy’s great-nephews who are keeping her occupied while I hide from all of them so I can post on the blog. Sorry you’ve missed me so long.

A bonus thanks goes to all my loyal fans out there in cyberspace.

Speaking of Frankie, she’s out and about. She can’t hear well nor see so she’s not aware there are guests in the house. What’s that? Oh, she wants to send you all Thanksgiving greetings. Here she goes…

FReangi sayw hape thqnweasgivg. Iweklm LVebr fdddddddd n m bwo;dfr sperrrrrr.

It’s Beans now. I’m back. Here’s what she said and it actually makes sense this time, “Frankie says happy Thanksgiving. I welcome liver food in my bowl for supper.”

If we were dressing in costume for Thanksgiving, I think she’d be an indian. I would be a pilgrim. What she says sounds like the way you people think indians talk. Her indian name would be, “Old Brown Teeter Totter.” That’s mainly because of the way she walks…like a teeter totter. Did I spell that right?

Gotta run! I hear the pitter patter of little feet…and they’re not mine nor “Old Brown Teeter Totter’s”! Help! Uh oh. It’s going to take a while to get out of here. Frankie’s stuck behind the bathroom door…oh dear!


  1. I can’t stop laughing when I read these, Bee-Bam. Haha. You’re awesome. I’ll see you Saturday evening?

  2. I’m dying laughing…Happy Thanksgiving Beans and Frankie..I am coming to visit you in a couple of weeks…You will have to come out and play:-)

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