Being a Steward

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Proverbs 31:26 says, “She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.” 

Lately, I have been straightening up and cleaning out our house as we hope to downsize as soon as our house sells.  (If you’re looking for a great house to raise children in, then this one might be for you!)  In the process, I have regained some office space that I have really been enjoying.  It seems to help with my productivity. 

It has also helped me to stay more motivated to have a schedule and stick to it.  Not only have these things been happening, but we have also decided we needed to be better stewards of all God has given us.

Call us crazy to be redoing life at this stage of the game, but Rob and I are.  It can be difficult to explain, but we are excited at what lies ahead.

So, my posts this week will be focusing on the stewardship of a believing woman, me, as I reveal some hard-hitting truths that I will dig up in the Word and relate back to what life application in this 21st century can be learned from the life of that Proverbs 31 woman of long ago.  I’ll probably hang out with Martha and her sister Mary, too.

It would help if you read that Proverbs chapter ahead of time.  Click here to go to it and read.

Next week, the topic is mentoring.

I pray that this week’s topic will be a blessing to you.  I am praying I will speak through these posts in a wise and kind way.  I pray my weaknesses I share with you will serve to encourage you in some way, not to glorify the weaknesses, but to reflect God’s goodness in continuing to grow me up.

Opportunity for Response:
In an effort to write a post or two that could benefit you, please leave a comment about the area of your life at home where you struggle the most.  Is it in managing your time, finances, meals, cleaning, or some other area?


  1. Managing the daily Clutter! Paper associated with all my peeps and life in general. Trying not be the constant cleaner!

  2. Great that you are downsizing, but remember grandchildren take up lots of room!!!

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