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The Hebrews Bible study gals have been spending the week in the Tabernacle. Not the real one since it doesn’t exist anymore. Nope, we’ve been camping out in it, so to speak, in our homework.

I and several others in this study have looked into the Tabernacle (aka the Tent of Meeting) in some of our previous studies (the Pentateuch) as well. It is fascinating in the Old Testament and it is also fascinating from the perspective of the New Testament.

Since the writer of Hebrews keeps telling the recipients of his letter how much better Jesus is than all the other things they’ve known as traditional Jews converted to Christianity with traditional Jewish knowledge of days gone by, it’s only fitting that the author would talk to them about the Tabernacle.

I love what he tells them as a reminder. The Tabernacle was only a shadow or copy of the heavenly one. The earthly Tabernacle constructed during Moses’ tenure was built by men according to God’s instructions, the pattern of the heavenly one constructed by God.

God had them build that earthly one in the desert so He could dwell (tabernacle) among them. His glory and presence would rest above the mercy seat of the Ark of the Covenant and He would meet with them there.

Whenever God was ready for them to progress in their move from Egypt to the Promised Land, He would move His glory (cloud by day and pillar of fire by night) from above the Tabernacle and they would know it was time to pack up this transportable tent and the members of the tribe of Levi would move to their assigned positions and tasks and rally the tribes for a move.

They had to be at the ready.

When God would move, they needed to move.

His moving was a test of their obedience to follow Him.

Where does God dwell now? He is in the heavenly tabernacle and His Son, Jesus, is seated at His right hand interceding on behalf of believers everywhere. Don’t you love it?

His Spirit is in each believer. In a sense, He is tabernacling in us. He dwells in us and directs us. When the Spirit says for us to move we better move. When He says to stay, we must stay. Obedience is the key. Before obedience comes observance to hear Him instruct.

Jesus, is also living at the ready. When God tells him it’s time to stand back up and get on the horse and come back to earth, he will be ready. Will we be ready?

Who will we share this “at the ready” life with today?

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  1. Amen! Thank you for sharing this “timely” Word with “me.” I’m out of town, sitting in a hotel, hungry for the Word of God, and was in search for it on the internet. I thought of you and your blog..thank you for blessing me, Amy!!

    Kim Taylor

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