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Hmmm, a prompt to write stumps me…

The meaning of my name is beloved.  I have been known to introduce myself to others with my name and its meaning along with the truth that God uses this word with a capital B throughout His word and how I take it personally…as if He’s saying those things to me specifically.

When choosing a name for our youngest, we chose David because we learned that it means the same thing as my name and well, who wants to name their son Amy?  Awkward with a capital A!

But yesterday, following Ann Voskamp’s #1000Gifts prompt to write three ways I feel His love in my journal I didn’t feel like I was one of God’s beloveds.  I stared at my journal entry spot’s blankness and heard the ticking of the clock in the background and finally wrote what this:  I DON’T FEEL HIS LOVE.

There.  I said/wrote it.  Hate me for being so blunt?  I felt rather dirty when I wrote it.  But based on the prior 24 hours, that’s exactly what I was feeling about this One Who calls me Beloved.  As a matter of fact, my pity party was so “hearty” that I felt that everyone I know must not love me.  How’s that for honesty? 

Then I went to Bible study and to my good fortune I was reminded of simple things that caused me to remember His continuous love for me:

  • For God so loved the whole world that He gave His only Son… (John 3:16)
  • Nothing can separate me from the love of Christ.  (Romans 8:31-40)
  • He’ll never leave me nor forsake me.  (Hebrews 13:5)

Now THAT’s love whether this beloved little ewe lamb feels it or not.  It doesn’t change the fact that He does.

So as soon as I returned home from Bible study, I repented and I filled in the three spots in my journal entry and I meant what I wrote.

I’m glad that by the time the sun set yesterday, I not only felt that He loves me but I also knew that He loves me.

I like it when this beloved’s heart and mind connect.

I’m writing with a bunch of other beloveds (who may not all have my same name) at

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  1. Your pity party was hearty…LOVE that because I can so relate! Beautiful and honest post! Stopping over from Lisa’s! 🙂

    • Ha! If I could have drawn a red heart around “hearty” I would have. ; ) I’m glad? you can relate to the comment. “Hearty pity party of one!” is never a fun thing, huh?

  2. I can identify. I find myself in these pity-parties from time to time too. Sometimes I just like to wallow in the mud. It’s a terrible thing.

    I like how you know the meaning behind your name and put value on that.

    • Thanks for stopping by! No wallowing here today and life is good resting in His love. – Beloved

  3. Amy,

    Just love your honesty here. We all have days when we feel the world and God is against us. Thank goodness that’s not true and when we pull our hearts closer to God’s He always meets us and lavishes us with His unfailing love. Now,iIf we could only figure out how to do that faster our pity parties would be over faster. LOL!

    Your “new look” on Gracious Goodness is wonderful.


    • Thank you Dawn. Amen to the quicker pity party ending! So good to have you drop in.

  4. Oohh… I had a hearty pity party yesterday morning too. I was feeling anything BUT loved by the time my kids left for school yesterday. I love your honesty and transparency. When I’m feeling unloved (and unlovable if I’m honest) it helps to know I’m not alone and that other women feel much the same way. Like you, I got over myself and quit throwing my pity party, it’s all good now.

    • Hey Susan! Next time you have the hearty hankering for a pitay partay, holla! I’ll bring some confettay! ; )

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