Bible Study and a Book Club

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Has anyone besides me ever set summer goals? Mine this time have been based on a desire for a non-scheduled summer. As I posted earlier, I turned down plenty of good things in which I could have been involved. I think that was the right thing. Although, there are benefits to having something of a schedule in place simply to accomplish the necessary things like time alone with the Lord, running the house, and exercising.

Since we are officially on summer break (those of us with children out of school) we also find ourselves out of the mode of Bible study. If you took part in Bible study from September to May, you may now find yourself in a major spiritual deficit and waning from the emptiness of no corporate Bible study that has accountability and encouragement as a part of it.

Let me share with you one option and you can check it out. Beth Moore, on her blog, will be going through Jennifer Rothschild’s newest study, Me, Myself, and Lies, beginning June 23. You would need to pick up a workbook from the local LifeWay store or order it from them or You would also want to look at Beth’s blog to get more of the details. You can do that by clicking on today’s post title and scrolling to the pages that directly address this for the summer. It will take you to the most recent post, but there are one or two posts pertaining to this study prior to this as well.

More on the book club tomorrow.

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  1. Thank you for passing that information on about Beth’ Study..I would like to check it out and am considering the study that has Chocolate in the title. That one is close to home. I think I need something for this summer.

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