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I am always looking for sites online that offer Bible study tools for use…FREE.

When I thought about doing these themed posts this week, I was thinking of those sites I have used. As I have been trying to gather information I have been overwhelmed because I am learning just how limited my knowledge is in this online arena. 

I am blessed to have Logos software and I don’t have to frequent the free help very often. I also like using my books that I can touch and flip through.  It’s just not always practical for me to tote my books everywhere.

So, the students I reach need to know good places to reach information that helps them complete their lessons from time to time.  They access the online help to which I have directed them.

If you are aware of good, reliable, and free online Bible study tools, then please leave a comment with that information below. It would be greatly appreciated.

Here are the sites where I direct others from time to time (when they need to do word studies especially):

You see what I mean?  Limited.

I could really use your input.

The internet can be helpful in observing and interpreting the Bible.  Most of the resources I prefer are not available free because of copyrights, which I totally understand.  Warning, we do have to be discerning when it comes to pulling information from just anywhere.  If you come across anything online that is contrary to Scripture, turn away.

Opportunity for Response:
Leave an address for a helpful Bible study website.


  1. Amy, I use some times. It is user-friendly and reliable. And if you have an Ipad, my favorite FREE app is Tecarta Bible. Tecarta Bible may also have an app for the desktop, not sure.
    Blessed to have LOGOS as well and use it just about everyday!!!!

  2. Thank you Kelli. I have used studylight before, too. Forgot about them since I rely on LOGOS so highly. I am going to check out Tecarta. I also use the NET Bible which is free. Since I have an ESV study Bible, I have access to since that Bible came with a code for accessing and becoming a member there.

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