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“Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come.” – 1 Timothy 4:8 (NLT)

I know the importance of strength training for toning the body and building lean muscle mass.

I know it.
I am not good at doing it.

In my defense, I am making aerobic exercise a priority in my life ABC (after breast cancer).  Eventually, I hope to begin incorporating strength training.  It’s just not my top priority.

By hoping for a lean and toned body, I won’t get one.  I can dream all day of the benefits and picture in my head how much better I will look and feel, but until I lift some weight, I won’t begin to have what I know is a good thing.

I received a question from a sweet soul yesterday asking me for some suggestions for encouraging one who needs and desires to build up some Bible study muscle mass.  She asked me what tips and advice I would offer others in the same situation.

So, here is the first tip today.

  1. Find a small Bible study group to whom you can be accountable. Yes, that’s right, a group.  It helps to find a group that takes the study seriously rather than sees it as a social outlet.  If a Bible study sticks to the study, the fellowship flows from it even though the fellowship is not THE reason for meeting. 

Just like accountability is helpful in weight loss and physical fitness to the beginner hoping to make changes, a corporate Bible study group is beneficial to the one who is hoping to get somewhere in her spiritual growth, particularly in the area of studying the Bible.

Why a group?  Hopefully, the group has a leader who keeps the group motivated and encouraged to do the lessons and show up for discussion.  Being part of the group affords each member the benefit of being recognized as present or absent.  The group members have the opportunity to discuss what they have seen in their homework time done privately.  If you know that you can share what the Holy Spirit is showing you in an environment where your comments are appreciated, you’re more likely to show up with your lessons ready.

I know I show up more excited to participate and keep coming back if I know my time spent in the homework pays off in fruitful discussion.  It helps, also, to know that my leader notices when I’m not there.

It’s the circle of life of Bible study accountability that has kept me going and coming back for 25 years now.

So, again, find a small group that is serious about digging into God’s Word.  Oh yeah, and take your Bible.


Finding a group to study with is easy if you are willing to adjust your schedule in order to make the group time a priority.  You may have to sacrifice saying “yes” to something good in order to fit in this something better.

Opportunity for Response:

Share a sweet memory of belonging to a group Bible study that would serve as a motivation to others reading the comments who may need that encouraging push to find a group.

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  1. Something that meant so much to me and I am not sure I ever shared this with my teacher. I had not been studying the bible under this special teacher for very long, but when my stepmother passed away and I looked up at the funneral and saw my bible study teacher I thought WOW. She barely knew me, but there she was for me during the loss of a loved one. You create special bonds when you come together to study God’s wonderful words and it will change your life. You will become stronger, live life more positive and with a feeling of hope that you can endure and press on. You want ever want to stop learning. Thank you Amy.

  2. I can relate to that, too. Leaders for me in the past have made a point of reaching out to get to know me. Now that I lead, I wonder how they had the time to do that. Your memory reminds me of the importance of sharing outside of our weekly meeting in the lives of those who come to Bible study.

  3. Sometimes your schedule or season of life makes it difficult to link up with a local group. There is an online group that might provide a solution in those cases…

  4. ELDinTN,
    That is so true! Thank you for sending that link along! Great suggestion!

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